call us to order
by phone or
order online
we deliver the
boxes to your
current location
you pack/stack
the boxes and
move easily
we pick up the
boxes at your
new location
Budget Low-cost; So easy to move = less
time for hired movers!
High initial cost; requires movers to stack sensibly = taking more time.
Use of Industrial grade plastic, clean, durable, nestable, stackable, weather resistant, dust proof, ergonomic handles, attached hinged lids that lock shut! Requires assembly, weak, requires tape to shut, is not secure, is not weather resistant, not easily stacked, dusty, unorganized.
Environment Reusable, recyclable containers, no waste! Very limited for reuse, difficult to dispose, can take years to decompose in landfills releasing emissions in atmosphere and using our energy.
Convenience Delivered clean to you and picked up, all included! Takes up less space while moving.
Easy, neat, and organized!
Requires a lot of dedicated time to retrieve, assemble, break down and dispose of all boxes used, on your own.