Our Story

Our company was founded by Real Estate Agent Todd Isermann and his wife Stacy. They are both from St. Louis and quite rooted in the community. After Todd graduated from high school he joined the Navy where he navigated the USS Pittsburgh submarine for four years. He then worked for St. Louis County Police Department as a Police Officer for five years. He now has had his Real Estate license for the past 10 years and is very excited to help movers and buyers in a different capacity.

Stacy obtained a degree in Criminal Justice from UMSL after graduating from high school. She worked at the Center for Trauma Recovery at UMSL in the Psychology Department. She assisted in organizing grants Federally funded by NIMH that focused on helping victims of physical and sexual abuse who suffer from PTSD. She really enjoys working with the community and finding ways to connect through educating consumers.

Being in a fast-paced industry, they really know how stressful it can be for clients during a sale and the process of moving. Whether it’s the buyers or sellers, they all have personal items to move no matter their situation. This should be an exciting time in their lives, but they are facing stress, time-consuming tasks, many expenses, and a lot of hard labor. They created this company based on friendly customer service and offer clients a cheaper, easier, green alternative way to move!

We are living in a generation in which we are more conscious about how we purchase, consume, and dispose of. Eco-friendly products are becoming the standard. While consumers are doing their research and making good decisions, they are also aware of their budget. Reusable products are the easiest way to save money and be good to the Earth! STL Rent A Box wants to take part in helping the environment at the same time as saving clients time and money!

Todd and Stacy Isermann