The Organized Pack & Mers Goodwill Partner!

When it comes to packing and moving, The Organized Pack can be your best assistant! Once we have a chance to meet and know your goals, we know exactly how to schedule your next chapter for a smooth transition. We partnered Mers Goodwill this season as the perfect pairing for our clients! As we work together during a declutter preparing for a move, Mers Goodwill is the solution for recycling…

Our NEW Social Brand!

In 2012, Patti Mueller founded The Organized Pack based on confidentiality, respect, and trust.  Patti grew the company into a full service professional packing company which has helped numerous people in the St Louis area.

Also in 2012, Todd and Stacy Isermann founded STL Rent A Box which rents industrial strength plastic Eco-friendly boxes to individuals and commercial properties that…

Best Way to Label Moving Boxes!

After each moving box is packed, the labeling of the boxes is a really important part of the process! Once you have 50-100 boxes that all look the same, it feels very accomplished and pretty overwhelming! At this point you will stand back and say to yourself  “where is my….”


To avoid any confusion for yourself and the moving company, your moving boxes need a system. An…

What is the best moving box?

Congratulations on the next chapter of your life! Now, let’s get to the gritty part of the move…time to pack and move. You need moving boxes for your belongings. What is the best moving box? Where do you get the boxes? Here are a few scenarios that are typical:

Scenario 1:

You begin asking your friends and family for old used boxes and drive all over the area to various grocers. What do…

Out with the old and in with the new!

End of the year is the perfect time to re-group, donate, recycle, & organize your home.

Why? Chances are you (and household members) received new things for the holidays. When finding new places for new gifts, it’s the perfect time to consider letting go of other things taking up valuable space.

If you have items that are no longer working or working for YOU, consider whether it’s…

Storage for Wash U Study Abroad Students

Registration is now open for Wash U students for storage December 2019 – August 2020!

STL Rent A Box makes storage so simple for students! Eco-friendly boxes are provided & delivered (no extra fee!), the student packs their dorm or apartment and then we pick everything up! We offer an affordable, safe, and secure storage option for students!

Make your reservation today -…

Fireplace Safety

Whether you are a new homeowner with a fireplace for the first time or a seasoned homeowner, before you make that first fire of the year make sure you are following fireplace safety!

Print and share this important message about fireplace safety! Reach out if we can help with any resources for your hom…

Check Packing Off Your Moving List!

If the idea of moving has you frazzled we want you to know, moving doesn’t have to be a stressful occasion. This is your new chapter. STL Rent A Box has changed the industry and our goal is to make your transition simple!

What do we do differently? Our company personally accesses your needs first. We completely go over your timeline and decide what services make sense for your goals. T…

Summer Storage Success!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to celebrate the success of our University Summer Storage program this year at Washington University in St. Louis Mo!!! A huge THANK YOU to all the students and parents at Washington University who chose to use our services this summer! Everyone was so great to work with, so organized, and timely!

It was really important for us to implement a…

2019 Wash U Summer Storage!

Registration has officially opened for Washington University students! 2019 Wash U Summer Storage is the most convenient and affordable option for students. We store all their belongings (except full-size furniture) for just $29+tax per item! This includes the pickup of their items in May and delivery in August, along with the usage of our Eco-friendly plastic boxes, climate controlled facility,…

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