STL Rent A Box and University of Missouri-St. Louis!

Last month, Co-owner, Stacy Isermann was honored with the opportunity to speak on behalf of STL Rent A Box at the University of Missouri – St. Louis. Stacy is an Alumni of UMSL and former employee of the Center for Trauma Recovery. She was invited by Professor Janet Murray, Desmond Lee Professor for Developing Women Leaders and Entrepreneurs in…

Moving with PETS!

Often times cherished family members get caught in the shuffle during a move. They didn’t even know they were getting a new home. There was a lot of chaos, many different faces, crazy routines, and then a new environment! Sometimes things go awry and rebellion sets in. What is going on?

These are our pets. When moving with pets, take some extra caution to ease them into a new situation…

The Perfect Weekend Getaway for Summer Adventuring!

Helllllo Summer! Sometimes when you are in the middle of a big adventure – like MOVING – it’s hard to remember it’s summer and all the fun parts that are supposed to go with it – like GETTING AWAY! Everyone needs a reset. It’s not always possible to set aside a chunk of time to have a holiday because let’s face it, planning alone takes time, additional finances, resources, etc.

Happy Spring & ShowMe 5!

Spring has officially sprung! St. Louis may have had a long winter, but our trees and blooms are showing, and everything is green again! Everyone is ready for the outdoors and “Moving Season” is definitely here as well. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect when Show Me St. Louis called and asked if we would be on their show to help celebrate Earthday! Yay!

See the show here!


Disaster planning for your home

Do you have a disaster plan in place for the unexpected? Hopefully you’ll never need it, but if you set yourself up appropriately you will feel secure going forward! Life is unexpected and there’s nothing better than feeling prepared! Our team at STL Rent A Box can offer can tips because #togetherwerebetter and we know the importance of your home and belongings.

Let’s face it, everything…

STL Rent A Box offers Moving and Storage

As if adding a new vehicle and Referral Program to the company wasn’t a big enough for one month to bang out the New Year with – we are also adding TWO new services to STL Rent A Box!!! Over the past five years we have perfected the new concept we brought to the St. Louis area of providing rental boxes for moving and remodeling as the alternative to using the old standard cardboard box.

As our…

New Year, New Wheels, & New Referral Program!

Everyone gets excited about a NEW YEAR! It’s a fresh start, new goals, beginnings, and change! At STL Rent A Box we decided to save the New Year to announce the roll out of bright and shiny new things we have to offer! First we showed you our new addition we are super excited to add to the rolling fleet! A new van!

We thought sometime soon it would be fun to name it. For now it’s…

Zero-Waste Moves are trending in St. Louis!

You found the perfect new place and you’re ready to move! It’s time for exciting new beginnings but the idea of getting all your belongings from one space to another may seem daunting.  All you can think about is “so many boxes!” You are not alone. In the past few decades, many people have made considerable changes in their lives toward Eco-friendly living. The consumer industry has…

Prepare your St. Louis Home for Winter

Is your home prepared for the St. Louis winter? We all know how quickly the temperature can drop and frost can develop as early as October! Before the weather takes a turn and things begin to freeze, take time now while the weather is compatible and avoid potential problems.  Preventive measures can not only keep your home safe but maintain your budget all year round.  I know what you ar…

Have you seen STL Rent A Box on TV?

Earlier this year STL Rent A Box got creative and along with Fox 2 we produced a few commercials. It was awesome to work with the crew at the station and ‘perform’ around the their lighting, cameras, and drones! They are pros and make it all look so easy of course. The way all the footage came together in the end was interesting too. We really wanted to make sure to get a strong statement…

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