Prepare your St. Louis Home for Winter

Is your home prepared for the St. Louis winter? We all know how quickly the temperature can drop and frost can develop as early as October! Before the weather takes a turn and things begin to freeze, take time now while the weather is compatible and avoid potential problems.  Preventive measures can not only keep your home safe but maintain your budget all year round.  I know what you ar…

Have you seen STL Rent A Box on TV?

Earlier this year STL Rent A Box got creative and along with Fox 2 we produced a few commercials. It was awesome to work with the crew at the station and ‘perform’ around the their lighting, cameras, and drones! They are pros and make it all look so easy of course. The way all the footage came together in the end was interesting too. We really wanted to make sure to get a strong statement…

National Parks are good for the Soul

Is this St. Louis summer hot enough for you? How many times have you heard “stay cool?” With all the moving going on this summer I hope many of you are finding time to also enjoy the season too! We are excited to share our family journey visiting some really awesome parts of America! It was unbelievably hot and full of adventure! MANY thanks our hardworking staff to keep STL Rent A Box moving…

Changing Spaces & STL Rent A Box Is For Everyone!

This summer we are seeing so much change around St. Louis! Everyone is changing spaces including those living in homes, apartments, building new construction, remodeling existing places, and commercial, too! We even recently moved some VIKs (aka, Very Important Kittens) into our home! They were rescues, came with nothing, and definitely not looking to rent boxes!  They immediately moved right in…

STL Rent A Box Partners with Swiffer!

Special delivery for your move! We’re so excited to announce we have partnered with Swiffer on a fun giveaway! For a limited time, our clients will receive a “Welcome Home” Duster Cleaner Starter Kit and P&G coupons off various products for the home! After the move we will present this little box containing a handy sample and fantastic coupons!

We were more than happy to connect with a…

Locally Created Custom Wooden Décor Perfect For Your Home!

Everyone loves to give their home a personal touch. Incorporating monograms, names, quotes or meaningful icons are special pieces that make a home complete and are always conversation starters! I found these talented artists who showcase their creative work on both Etsy and Facebook AND they are right here in St. Louis!




Together, Dave Rummerfield and Kimbery…

High profile moves using rented boxes!

Pro tips from STL Rent A Box to make your move simple!

It’s moving day! All of your belongings are packed and that moving truck + crew has arrived. You think the process has been hectic, take it up a notch, it’s about  to get crazy! However, follow these pro tips for a smooth transition! This is going to be a breeze!

Stage all your packed boxes near a major opening: front door, garage, etc. This will allow the movers to quickly assemble them in…

Big Changes & Celebrating 5 Years of Business

Good morning Fox 2 & STL Rent A Box


When Fox2 calls you up and says “hey would you want to be on the morning show with Kim Hudson?” you clear the schedule and let your excitement take charge! That is exactly what happened to us at STL Rent A Box!




Did you miss the morning show? See it here and let us know what you think!



Is being LIVE on TV…

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