Locally Created Custom Wooden Décor Perfect For Your Home!

Everyone loves to give their home a personal touch. Incorporating monograms, names, quotes or meaningful icons are special pieces that make a home complete and are always conversation starters! I found these talented artists who showcase their creative work on both Etsy and Facebook AND they are right here in St. Louis!




Together, Dave Rummerfield and Kimbery…

High profile moves using rented boxes!

Pro tips from STL Rent A Box to make your move simple!

It’s moving day! All of your belongings are packed and that moving truck + crew has arrived. You think the process has been hectic, take it up a notch, it’s about  to get crazy! However, follow these pro tips for a smooth transition! This is going to be a breeze!

Stage all your packed boxes near a major opening: front door, garage, etc. This will allow the movers to quickly assemble them in…

Big Changes & Celebrating 5 Years of Business

Good morning Fox 2 & STL Rent A Box


When Fox2 calls you up and says “hey would you want to be on the morning show with Kim Hudson?” you clear the schedule and let your excitement take charge! That is exactly what happened to us at STL Rent A Box!




Did you miss the morning show? See it here and let us know what you think!



Is being LIVE on TV…

Custom artwork to complete your home


“Home is where your story begins” – this is a favorite quote of mine! Walking through someone’s house will tell you a lot about their personalities, their family, places they have been, and things they treasure. Our homes hold the collection of our daily lives. When I came across this local St. Louis artist, Elizabeth Cherre who creates beautiful and unique custom artwork, I knew I…

Thanks for the memories Summer 2016

Dear summer, thank you for coming again this year! It was so great to see you.

Since your arrival, we all had such a wonderful time and really made the most of your visit. We explored beyond our city of St. Louis but did some really awesome things here too! While changing the way people move their homes and businesses we fit in extra time for each other. We even had a summer to-do list of fun!

Unexpected bonus when using STL Rent A Box

Did you know that renting moving boxes cures procrastination?  This may sound absurd but I assure you there is science behind this conception! The entire concept of creating STL Rent A Box was based on an alternative way to pack belongings to prepare for a move or remodel. We wanted to make this part of the move less painful. We knew all the positives because they were the glue of this…

STL Rent A Box 5 Star Company Review!

Sometimes a business gets starry-eyed and takes genuine notice of another business. This incredible gesture of kindness happened to STL Rent A Box. Terry “Mac” McManus, Operations Manager at RAM International, Inc. shares his story:




“Our company just recently went through the process of relocating offices and I was the person that was elected to coordinate this…

Suede Media and STL Rent A Box!

We are swooning over this video our friends over at Suede Media designed for us! In just 15 short seconds it shows how incredibly simple packing can be using our products and services! They captured the feelings we want all our clients to experience!

Suede Media is a full service video production company that produces content for businesses, non for profits, and education. They are so…

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