Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What areas does STL Rent A Box service?
A: We cover all of St. Louis County, all of St. Louis City, most of St. Charles County, Northern Jefferson County, and parts of Illinois. Both drop-off and pick-up locations have to be within our service area. However, if we do not cover your area, please call us, 314-899-7368.
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Q: Does STL Rent A Box offer university storage?
A: YES! Whether you have a little to store or a lot to store, STL Rent A Box offers storage for summer and study abroad students which is so simple! Sign up early, we fill up fast!

Q: Is there a delivery and pick-up fee?
A: Yes, for delivery and pickup for $50 or $25 for each service. The fee can be waived by using our partner moving company BEK Moving Co.

Q: What size are the STL Rent A Boxes?
A: The boxes are 27″L x 17″W x 12″H

Q: How will I know if STL Rent A Box received my order?
A: You will receive an email confirmation after your order has been placed. Also, the day prior to delivery /pick-up, we will notify you to confirm times and locations. All Monday deliveries and pick-ups will be confirmed the Friday before.

Q: What method of payment does STL Rent A Box accept?
A: We accept all major credit cards. Payment must be made prior to delivery.

Q: How long do I get to keep the boxes?
A: Our standard rental period is based on the number of boxes rented. Take a look at our product page for our low extended rental costs.

Q: Can I keep the boxes longer if I needed to?
A: For sure! Just call STL Rent A Box at 314-899-7368 or email us at, at least 24 hours prior to pick-up. Take a look at our product page for our low extended rental costs.

Q: What happens if I realize in the middle of packing I need more boxes?
A: No problem! It’s as simple as calling STL Rent A Box at 314-899-7368 and placing another order.  We understand how hard it is to estimate and more than likely we can accommodate the same or next-day service. Our minimum box order is 25 boxes.

Q: Do I have to be home to receive/release the boxes?
A: Yes, STL Rent A Box does require someone over the age of 18 to receive and/or release your order. Your order will be confirmed and a signature will be required.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?
A: We understand things happen, especially when it comes to moving. Either calls STL Rent A Box at 314-899-7368, or email us at at least 24 hours prior to your delivery, to receive a full refund.

Q: Why don’t I just find free cardboard boxes?
A: That is an option, however, we make it simple and organized! You just place your order online or by phone and we guarantee clean, bug-free, strong boxes! They easily stack, lock, and are tape free. After your move, we pick up all the boxes and equipment! You are done, with nothing to dispose of! In addition, our boxes are Earth-friendly while cardboard will take years to decompose in our landfills.

Q: Does STL Rent A Box have a referral program?
A: YES! Anyone can join and earn rewards by sharing the concepts of renting moving boxes with STL Rent A Box! It’s very simple to sign up and the rewards are generous! You can earn 15% of every order when you share your unique code with a client who books a rental with us and they receive a free bonus week!


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