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Both your drop-off and pick-up location must be within our service area. We cover all of St. Louis County, all of St. Louis City,
most of St. Charles County, Northern Jefferson County, and parts of Illinois.

STL Rent A Box offers:

  • Rental boxes for your move!

  • Packing of your boxes!

  • Unpacking of your boxes!

  • University Storage!

STL Rent A Box is the smart Eco-friendly alternative to cardboard. Our recyclable industrial grade plastic boxes are so simple to pack, lock, carry, and stack. We deliver straight to your door and pick them all up from your new place at no charge! Our boxes are not only the easiest way to move your belongings, it’s the most budget friendly!


1 – Call us to order by phone or order online
2 – We deliver the boxes to your current location
3 – You pack/stack the boxes and move easily
4 – We pick up the boxes at your new location