Founders Stacy and Todd Isermann of STL Rent A Box are long-time residents of St. Louis, MO. Together, they are serving a niche in the moving industry that takes the stress out of moving by offering an alternative Eco-friendly, affordable option!


In the early 1800s a large tract of ground was sold Louis A. Benoist, a successful St. Louis banker. He purchased 485 acres and established a huge plantation which he called “Oakland.” In the spring of 1853, Benoist commissioned George Ingham Barnett, the dean of Western architects and the first European-trained designer in St. Louis to fashion his country mansion. Barnett was born in Nottingham, England and studied in London. He came to America in 1839 at the age of 24 and after apprenticing in New York for a short time, he journeyed to St. Louis to establish a practice of his own. Barnett’s 50 years of architectural accomplishments would later include the Southern and Lindell Hotels, the water tower on North Grand, the Governor’s Mansion in Jefferson City, many lavish houses in Lafayette Square, and #7 Vandeventer Place. Benoist built a large mansion, barns, slave quarters, cottages, smokehouses, and springhouses. About one-third of the original Benoist estate now comprises the Lakewood Park Cemetery and is one of the most interesting and historical areas in Affton. The mansion, Oakland, was purchased by the Affton Historical Society in 1976 and had undergone extensive restoration. It is a showplace in the Affton community and is included in the National Register of Historic Places.

As recently as 1931 Affton had only about 800 people. True, there were many small stores and the community was developing, but the Affton area still claimed a very small number of people, mostly truck farmers. With the paving of more streets by the county, subdivision after subdivision began to replace the truck farms. With the development of a more urban population there came the desire for an urban type of government. In the early 1930’s there developed a movement to incorporate the area. As a result of the recognized need, Affton became incorporated as a village and employed a policeman and an assistant.  However, the little city was doomed almost before it got started due to its inability to meet the financial responsibilities attached to the maintenance of police, court, sanitation and the other agencies of government. Thus, in 1935 the people of Affton voted to disincorporate and the area has remained without a local government ever since. Small areas within Affton have incorporated since for the purpose of protecting their own immediate sections. The greater part of Affton remains under the direct supervision of St. Louis County.

At STL Rent A Box, we believe in providing a product and service that is sustainable and sensible while giving our customers service they can rely on. We chose our products with great care, keeping the three R’s in mind: reuse, recycle, and reduce. Our clients share our values; they are just as interested and concerned about the community and environment as we are. We value having a product and service that is affordable and is an improvement that is already a necessity.

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