Sunset Hills

Founders Stacy and Todd Isermann of STL Rent A Box are long-time residents of St. Louis, MO. Together, they are serving a niche in the moving industry that takes the stress out of moving by offering an alternative Eco-friendly, affordable option!

Sunset Hills

Our residents are active, civic-minded citizens. The St. Louis County Supervisor, Gene McNary, is a resident of our city. The schools of the Lindbergh District provide sponsors for the Boy Scout and Girl Scout groups. The adult community provides many able leaders for the boys and girls. The South County WMCA also presents a broad field of activities. Masonic Lodges sponsor DeMolay Chapter; Order of the Eastern Star sponsors Job’s Daughter. Our Shriners belong to the Moolah Temple, which has honored our city by naming 2 of our residents. Mr. Paul Krueger and Mr. Elmer Kempf, Grand Imperial Potentate. There is a Sunset Hills Lions Club. Our own Bill Seebold, World Champion OZ Motorboat Driver, has worked through the Concord Lions Club to bring World Motorboating Competition to George Winter Park. Crestwood and Sunset Hills share a Rotary Club, Optimist Club, Sertoma and Kiwanis Club. The Sunset Hills Extension Club of the University of Missouri is a service club of women that has served the community since the mid-40’s. It would take pages to name leaders of PTA, Scouts, and Service Organizations. So many have served so well in so many different fields. There are accomplished scientists, artists writers, professional people from all fields, blue-collar workers, white-collar workers, farmers in overalls to entertainers in tuxedos. The citizens of Sunset Hills represent a pretty good cross-section of America.

Now we look to the future of Sunset Hills. Our little community is one of those special villages known as suburbia, most of its inhabitants come from somewhere else within the vast St. Louis metropolitan area to join those farmers and businessmen long established here. Together we work to create a pocket community, keeping our heritage with all the other communities, which compose the large area of St. Louis, County.

The city has no desire to become a great metropolis but we do encourage new businesses. In 1976, there seems to be a good balance of businesses and residences. It is our hope that in the coming years of growth new generations will have an even deeper, more meaningful sense of community, remembering and respecting the old while developing the new. Sunset Hills has many resources and the greatest of these is… its people.


At STL Rent A Box, we believe in providing a product and service that is sustainable and sensible while giving our customers service they can rely on. We chose our products with great care, keeping the three R’s in mind: reuse, recycle, and reduce. Our clients share our values; they are just as interested and concerned about the community and environment as we are. We value having a product and service that is affordable and is an improvement that is already a necessity.

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