Sycamore Hills

Founders Stacy and Todd Isermann of STL Rent A Box are long-time residents of St. Louis, MO. Together, they are serving a niche in the moving industry that takes the stress out of moving by offering an alternative Eco-friendly, affordable option!

Sycamore Hills

Sycamore Hills was incorporated as a village on November 3, 1941.[8] In October, 1920, Charles A. Lindbergh took several aerial photos of the area.[9]

The village is primarily a residential community, currently with no business establishments. Nearly all of the houses are of brick and masonry construction, 112 to 2 stories, and have three or more bedrooms. Most of the homes were built between 1925 and 1950. They range architecturally from American traditional bungalow to Tudor Revival style, with very little repetition in design. As of January 2011 there were two vacant residential building lots in the village.

Until the early 1970s, Sycamore Hills included several retail businesses. Currently, the only non-residential entity in the village is Calvary United Church of Christ.

Village business is conducted by an elected board of trustees. Police service is contracted through neighboring St. John Police Department. The trustees meet monthly, and meetings are open to all residents.[10]

Sycamore Hills is bounded on the south by Midland Boulevard (with the exception of the extreme southwest corner, which extends one block further south to Lackland Road). The northern boundary is Graceland Avenue (except for the extreme northwest, which is a short spur off Gothland Avenue extending past Graceland). The north-south streets are Gothland Avenue, Brown Road, Hartland Avenue, Northland Avenue, Ashland Avenue, Oakland Avenue and Walton Road. These cover one city block except for Brown Road, which covers two blocks of the village limits. Northland Avenue is a limited-access street, and Sycamore Court, at the southwest corner of the village, is a cul-de-sac.

The southeast village limit is immediately adjacent to the site of the historic Overland Park, where the Overland Trail began.


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