Twin Oaks

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Twin Oaks

Twin Oaks, arguably one of St. Louis County’s best kept secrets, is a small Village of approximately 392 residents. Its .27 square miles of streets are nestled between Manchester to its northeast, Valley Park to its south and unincorporated St. Louis County to its west, at the intersection of Big Bend Road and Highway 141.

Why is the area called Twin Oaks? Well supposedly, there were 2 oak trees near the intersection of Crescent Road and Crescent Avenue at the southwest end of the Village, which stood prominently, hence the name “Twin Oaks”.

In 1925 James Stoker had a vegetable farm with a great deal of acreage.  Stoker and others at the time, who also owned a lot of acreage, did not want any further increases in taxes.  Valley Park, however, was interested in taking in the area which would inevitably increase taxes.  In order to avoid this, James Stoker and his neighbors created the “Village of Twin Oaks” in 1938.  In order to pay for street improvements, the residents would hold fish fries to collect money and then do the work themselves.  James Stokers daughter, Alma Niere was born at a home on Crescent Avenue and still resides with her husband, Raymond, in The Village of Twin Oaks today.

The earliest neighborhood within the community started in the late 1950’s and consisted of approximately 30 homes developed on Quinette Street, First Street, Ann Avenue and Meramec Station Road, which local residents respectively call “Old Town”. By the end of the 1960’s, 15 more homes were built on Boly Lane and Crescent Avenue. With the completion of Interstate 44 in 1972, a new phase of development was seen. The Birnamwood Condominiums Complex was built in 1976 consisting of 78 units along Birnamwood Trails Drive and Autumn Leaf Drive. By the end of 1983, approximately 43 single-family homes were built on Golden Oak Court and Autumn Leaf Drive. Then from 1983 to 2000, additional homes were added on Woodland Oaks Drive and Boly Lane.

In the 1980’s the Village annexed commercial property at the northeast and northwest corners of the intersection at Big Bend and old Highway 141. The State Highway Department purchased 10 homes for the widening and relocation of Highway 141, reducing the population. The oldest retail development is Big Bend Square, which opened in 1978. In the 1990’s, Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church was constructed just west of Big Bend Square.

In the early 1990’s, Twin Oaks acquired about 9 acres off Ann Avenue adjacent to Twin Oaks Presbyterian Church to create a “pedestrian park”. In 1994, the park opened with amenities including a pavilion, gazebo, playground, restrooms, tennis, basketball and volleyball courts, lake and walking path. The Village sponsors a variety of annual events to include movie nights, family fun days, Easter egg hunts, dances and a fireworks display.

Commercial businesses are plentiful for such a small community to include 2 grocery stores, drug store, sit-down and fast-food establishments and a variety of service businesses such as banking, dental, construction, tutoring, framing, personalized monogramming, hair/nail care, dry cleaning and tax preparation.

Twin Oaks is a great place to live, work and raise a family with its combination of a small-town feel, suburban amenities and high level of services.


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