Corporate Rates

STL Rent A Box can customize packages for businesses of all sizes. We have experience with numerous corporate moves throughout St. Louis and parts of Illinois.

Renting our plastic boxes will make your office move seamless while having a no waste Eco-friendly move or remodel! These boxes will pack so quickly, saving your business time and money. Just pack each box and stack on the dolly to be moved out. They are designed to stack on top of each other and movers can move and stack them fast, optimizing time on moving day as well. We are very professional during delivery not to disrupt the workplace.

Typical office settings order 4 boxes and 1 dolly per work station; additional boxes and dollies for files or storage. We also rent file bars that fit directly into our boxes to neatly and quickly pack letter hanging file folders.

Every order includes:

  • Delivery to your existing location
  • Labels for organizing
  • Zipties to secure confidential information
  • Pickup at your new location (or existing if you are remodeling)

Please contact us at 314.398-7157 for commercial pricing and to place and order!

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