Why Use

How much is your time worth?

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about moving is”I need boxes!” What do you naturally do?

Scenario 1:

You begin asking your friends and family for old used boxes and drive all over the area to various grocers. What do you get? Well, maybe you hit the jackpot and after a few weeks, lots of gas, and time, collected a bunch of odd-shaped boxes no matter the shape, condition, bug-ridden, lids, no lids, torn, some crushed…and wow they are taking up a lot of space in your home. They don’t stack well, they are old, err…that one housed a roach! It will be a pain to carry them and arrange them in a moving truck, it may actually take the movers a while to load and unload due to how they vary, and after they are all unpacked, the question awaits…What do I do with all these boxes???

Scenario 2:

You attempted to save collection TIME, you bought “X” amount of brand new expensive boxes, a couple of rolls of tape, a matching dispenser, and packing accessories. After coming home, you spent hours assembling and taping the boxes, packed them, and spent more time taping them up. It rained the day you moved, and your boxes got soggy.  One of the bottoms busts, you must have not taped all that well at 1 am.  As you unpack you have a lot of boxes to un-tape and…what do I do with all these boxes???

Scenario 3:

STL Rent A Box is simple.  1. Place your order online or by phone  2. Boxes delivered to you for free! 3. Easy to pack, stack, lock, & carry! 4. We pick them all up for you!