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Storage unlike no other in St. Louis! 

Whether you have a little to store or a lot to store STL Rent A Box offers storage of your boxes and you don’t have to lift a finger! It’s so simple and smart to schedule STL Rent A Box.

There are no hidden fees, setup fees, fuel fees, or hourly fees!

Most importantly no delivery fee or pickup fees!

COST: Only $4.50 a box / month


Easy Storage with STL Rent A Box –

  • Rent package size that fits your needs and it is delivered to your home or office
  • Pack your items you need stored / schedule a pickup date and time
  • STL Rent A Box will pick your boxes up and store them in our secured facility
  • Call us when you are ready for your boxes to be returned to your home or office


Why store with STL Rent A Box?

  • Pay only for what you use
  • Great for de-cluttering or renovating your space
  • No need to rent a truck, storage locker, or mobile storage unit
  • Feel confident that your items will be safe in our facility
  • Conveinence

Having STL Rent A Box store your rental boxes will help you budget your move while saving you time and money! You already know you are working with the best of St. Louis, the choice is easy!


Call /Email to set up your move today!


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