STL Rent A Box Storage Program!

*We are aware of the current situation with early move out*

Students that are on campus that need to move out by Sunday, fill out the form below ASAP and we can deliver moving boxes to you as soon as Thursday 12th. We have spots available between Thursday – Sunday for move outs.

Students that are off campus on Spring Break that are not allowed back on campus – we understand it’s not yet clear how & when access to your dorm room will be available. We recommend filling out the form below and staying in touch with us.

Reservations OPEN for Summer 2020 Storage!

This affordable program is a simple 2-tier pricing structure:

$35 (+ tax) per small item stored (majority items in dorm, i.e. mini fridge, 2-3 plastic drawers, cardboard boxes, our plastic boxes, any small misc item)

$70 (+ tax) per large item stored (large wooden trunks, over sized duffle bags, bicycles, & any oversized heavy items)

  • Secured storage for the entire summer
  • All transportation included
  • The use of unlimited Eco-friendly STL Rent A Boxes
  • Local storage / temp controlled
  • STL Rent A Box is fully insured
  • We store anything smaller than full-size furniture

A major bonus is you are only paying for exactly what you are using. After you return to school and unpack we will pick the boxes back up and reuse them for many future zero-waste moves!

Fill out the form below

THANK YOU so much for all the students who have signed up! We look forward to working with you!

Just fill out the form below and let’s get this started…