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“Great time hassle saver. Recommend to anyone doing local move”

-Lynn, St. Peters, 1/19/21


“Using STL Rent A Box was the best decision we made for our recent move. We had a large home and Todd & Stacy tackled the packing with ease. They are very professional, easy to be with, helpful and all around great people. They are very prompt and efficient. Overall a wonderful experience. Highly recommend!”

-Ann, Town & Country, 1/14/21


“5 Stars”

-Asal, Creve Coeur, 1/06/21


“5 Stars”

-Susan, Ladue, 12/18/20


“Todd and Stacey were awesome.”

-Danita, St. Louis, 11/15/20


“5 Stars”

-Dr. Hewkin, Eureka, 10/27/20


“5 Stars”

-Erika, St. Louis, 10/26/20


“Staff is professional and courteous. Our pick up location is not listed on their website however it was not a problem for them at all. The boxes were awesome for moving since they were the same size and easy to stack. Highly recommend the rolling carts as well. We used two, one inside and one outside. Price was great, way cheaper than cardboard boxes.”

-PuraVida Treasures, 10/14/20


“5 Stars”

-Sara, St. Louis, 10/12/20


“These boxes are AMAZING, sooo much easier and so much more sturdy than cardboard boxes. HIGHLY recommend!!!”

-Leslie, Lake St. Louis, 10/07/20


“Great service and value. Environmentally friendly and faster for everyone involved in the move.”

-Matthew, St. Louis, 10/05/20


“Stacy and Todd are amazing. Helped make our move much less stressful. I will never pack up for a move again. Highly recommend them. A great experience.”

-Dennis, Weldon Springs, 10/05/20


“Amazing service took the anxiety right out of packing. Truly kind people who care for their customers, showed up and left smiling. Dog friendly is a plus! They packed up my entire house in about half a day. The attention to detail was really remarkable. I cannot recommend them highly enough!”

-Nathaniel, St. Louis, 9/28/20


“Stl Rent a box was great for us! We moved locally and used 60 of their reusable/recycled boxes to make our move easier. The boxes were great; extremely durable, supportive, even during inclement weather. Their customer service was excellent and very responsive. As an environmentally friendly family this was a great option for us and we’d highly recommend it to anyone moving or needed boxes for storage.”

-Diego, St. Louis, 9/15/20


“Let me start by saying that everyone I talked to at this company was polite and prompt. We wanted to get some reusable boxes for our local move (better for the environment, more cost effective and a motivator to unpack faster on the other end), and had a good experience when we used a similar company in another state. STL Rent A Box was great! The man who dropped off (and picked up) the bins was so nice. The boxes are large, easy to stack and you also get a little dolly which is very helpful. I was also very impressed by how clean the boxes were. Use STL Rent a Box! Better for the earth, and better for your stress levels when moving :)”

-Carly, Maplewood, 9/10/20


“If you are moving, StL Rent A Box is a must!! Super easy to set up online, very communicative, & just an all around great company. The totes arrived clean & ready to go. Inexpensive & environmentally friendly. Also, my movers loved me because the totes stack perfectly & are a breeze to move.”

-Teresa, St. Louis, 9/9/20


“5 Stars”

Linda, Chesterfield, 9/2/20


“Their packing services were greatly appreciated. They saved us DAYS of work and provided all the necessary materials! Highly recommended!”

-Bill & Sue, Manchester, 10/28/20


“I rented moving boxes to go from a two bedroom apartment to a three bedroom house. Nothing was broken during the move and the moving company I hired was able to get finished sooner because stacking the boxes was much easier. Very professional and helpful.”

-Kathe, O’Fallon, 8/25/20


“Todd and Stacey were fantastic! Moving from a home where you’ve lived and raised 5 children for over 21 years is daunting, to say the least. Todd and Stacey were efficient, organized and gave me complete confidence. I would recommend them to anyone!!!!”

-Lori, Ballwin, 8/24/20


“My wife and I used STL Rent A box to move to our new home. We had the 55 box set and got other supplies as well. They delivered all boxes to our home a few weeks before the move so we could pack early. Having the large, easily stacked and organized boxes was so much easier than a garage full of cardboard boxes. Added bonus of knowing we would not have a stack of those cardboard boxes to put in recycling bin. They picked up their reusable boxes a couple weeks after the move at the new house giving us plenty of time to unpack and organize. If you are making a move here in St. Louis then I would highly recommend using STL Rent A Box. Super professional and great product.”

-Sean, Ballwin, 8/24/20


“Excellent customer service! STL Rent A Box was awesome and their easy to use, uber clean boxes made our local move so much easier. No breaking down cardboard boxes for weeks!. We were motivated to unpack quickly, and in turn get the boxes into the garage for pick up. The boxes hold a lot of things and they can even supply paper for wrapping fragile items. Highly recommend this company and thanks to Todd & Stacy and team for a great experience.”

-Isla, Creve Coeur, 8/20/20


“5 Stars”

-Isabella, Kirkwood, 8/11/20


“We really appreciate it and continue to highly recommend your service!”

-Angela, Clayton, 8/3/20


“So thankful for Stacy & Todd’s packing services. We just bought a new house and they were able to pack everything from our old house in less than 2 days to get ready for the movers and we didn’t have to do anything! With my husband working 55 hours a week and me being 7 months pregnant, this was super convenient! Everything is labeled so that the movers will be able to put all the boxes in the rooms they will need to go.”

-Tara, St. Charles, 7/21/20


“Such a good experience! Makes moving so much easier with the box drop off to your old address and pick up from your new address. The boxes are high quality and spacious.”

-Molly, Webster Groves, 7/20/20


“Todd and the group were all great! They truly made the moving process so much easier. All the boxes are the same size, and you’d be amazed how much you can fit into them. They were all cleaned, came with labels and plastic zipties in case you need to secure them close. They were very accommodating with times for drop off and pick up, and text 30 minutes before arrival. Can’t thank them enough for making the moving process easier!”

-Julia, St. Louis, 7/17/20


“We had such a great experience with STL Rent A Box! We were looking for a sustainable alternative to cardboard boxes and I’m so glad we found them. The boxes were large enough to hold plenty of items and very easy to stack + unpack. It was also really helpful to have them delivered and picked up after our move so we didn’t have to worry about that detail on top of everything else. We highly recommend using STL Rent a Box!”

-Allyson, St. Louis, 7/16/20


“We are so glad that we used STL Rent a Box for our move. It was so much easier to move our stuff from one house to the other. The boxes stacked up together when empty, saving valuable space, and then neatly stacked on top of each other when they were full. We loved working with the STL Rent a Box team. They were prompt in responding to questions and were all around awesome. I would highly recommend using STL Rent a Box if you are looking for a hassle free way to move your belongings.”

-Robyn, St. Louis, 6/23/20


“Highly recommend working with Stacy and Todd. They were great from our initial conversation through box pick up. The boxes made moving a breeze.”

-Matthew, St. Louis, 6/16/20


“We used Rent a Box last week to pack our house up. My first time using packing services and it was amazing! Todd and Stacy did an fantastic job and they are just lovely to work with! Highly recommend.”

-Jessica, Clayton, 5/24/20


“STL Rent A Box made my move a breeze! What I liked. . . the flexibility in the size of box packages I could purchase, add, and freedom to extend my rental. The courtesy and guidance of Stacy and Todd along with their prompt delivery and pick up. The sturdiness of the boxes – I didn’t have to scrounge for mismatched boxes making packing the moving truck a breeze. The environmentally friendly way to move – no boxes needing to be recycled or tossed, and peace of mind our items were protected. The zip ties made the boxes safe, the labels were easy for marking, they stacked perfectly and the 4 cart dolly moved like a hot knife through butter. I will NEVER move without them and recommend them to everyone!”

-Lori, St. Peters, 5/22/20


“We used rent a box last week to move to a new house. It was hands down the best decision! So easy, efficient and environmentally friendly!”

-Jen, Kirkwood, 4/29/20


“Having been in the real estate industry for over 15 years and moved over 7 times in that time frame, I can say with out a doubt this company makes moving EASIER! I just used them moving my personal residence and it was a breeze. The boxes stack on a cart and was able to wheel them from room to room as I packed. No taping cardboard boxes. No worrying if they would hold through the move….AND no breaking them down after!!!! Moving is hard enough thanks STL Rent A Box for making this part EASY!”

-Sarah, St. Louis, Taddlock Bruggemann  Real Estate 4/29/20


“My wife and I used STL Rent a Box to help with our last move and we had a great experience! The team was very responsive to our needs, were timely and friendly. Extremely convenient service and made moving a breeze for us. Would definitely recommend!”

-Matt, St. Louis, 4/27/20


“I will never move with cardboard boxes again! These guys brought the boxes out promptly. They are super easy to pack and stack and so convenient that they come back out to pick them up! Love this idea!”

-Jeannie, St. Louis, 4/23/20


“We used STL Rent A Box this month. They were fantastic. It was the best part of the move. We had time to pack and unpack the boxes. It’s a great idea to rent boxes and then return them….it cost less than buying the boxes and trying to find a place to store them. If you are thinking of moving…use STL Rent A Box.”

-Virgina, St. Louis, 4/15/20


“I couldn’t imagine moving without Rent A Box. It is so convenient, great for the Earth, and the movers love them! I have used them 4 times and recommended them to many people…all satisfied customers. Can’t recommend highly enough!”

-Heather, St. Louis, 4/14/20


“STL Rent A Box was amazing during our move! They are super easy to work with and are extremely accommodating. We packed ourselves but using their boxes made the moving experience quick and painless. If there was anything that we needed they were right there ready to help and brought us what we needed efficiently. Would definitely use them again and would highly suggest anyone else to use them too. Thank you STL Rent A Box!”

-Kara, Lake St. Louis, 4/13/20


“Great idea- convenient, accommodating service, and doesn’t waste cardboard.”

-Dawn, Olivette, 4/13/20


“Very nice and helpful, I would highly recommend this company for your moving needs. I didn’t realize how much I needed these moving totes until I begun packing. Thank you Stephen Walker for the recommendation, and thank you STL RENT A BOX for making our move easier.”

-Andrea, Overland, 4/13/20


“Loved this company!! So easy and accommodating. I highly recommend them.”

Keale, Crestwood, 3/26/20


“My son had to get packed up in a very limited amount of time. Wash U was closing the dorms. I spoke to them they brought the boxes and organized him in an hour. Shipped everything home for him to NY stress free!!! This company is awesome!!!!”

-Carri, New York, 3/25/20


“STL Rent a Box = 5 star and more!. I had STL Rent A Box (Stacy/Todd)  pack up my daughter’s dorm room for shipping her items back home and to pack up for summer storage. We had a student on campus present in the room during the packing and my daughter FaceTimed from Atlanta with the packers to identify what to ship and what to store.  It took a total of two hours from start to finish. 7 boxes are on the way home via ups ground and the remaining items will be stored. Worth the $. Highly recommend and very professional.”

-Kim, Dunwoody, GA, 3/23/20


“Thank you from a mom! They were such help when my son’s university closed suddenly due to the COVID-19. My son contacted them immediately in the evening after he got the notification to vacate  the dorm from the university. He had the boxes delivered by 8 am the next morning and all the boxes were picked up by 2pm the same afternoon. They made my son’s move out hassle free. They are very responsive to emails and are always on time. This is our second year using them and we are so happy with their service! Such a unique concept, using reusable plastic boxes  and cutting down the wastage of cardboard boxes. They also provide a dolly to haul the stuff to rooms( the university doesn’t allow outside businesses to enter dorms) which makes the move-in a breeze. And after you have unpacked just email them and they will come and collect the empty boxes… easy peasy! I would strongly recommend STL Rent A Box.”

-S., San Jose, CA, 3/13/20


“I’ve probably moved at least 20 times as an adult and I have to say this was the easiest. I didn’t have to drive around looking for boxes at every liquor store in town. I didn’t have to buy a bunch of boxes that will sit around my house unpacked for months that I’ll have to recycle once i get around to unpacking. With Rent A Box I had a known quantity of containers and a deadline to get them unpacked. The boxes were high quality and stackable and the movers I hired were very happy that everything was the same size. If I have to move again, I will definitely give them a call”

-Benjamin, St. Louis, 3/13/20


“So easy and it makes moving go with a breeze! I called to book them and they dropped & picked them up when it was convenient for me, not just them. They are on time and prompt! So sweet for the people you talk with on the phone as well!”

-Taylor, St. Louis, 3/06/20


“We used STL Rent A Box for the 3rd time – they just picked up the boxes yesterday. I get it, no one likes to move, but if you have to move, STL Rent A Box is the way to go! They make packing everything so much easier. STL Rent A Box is the most amazing idea! It makes it so much easier to pack, because the boxes are so sturdy that you can stack a box of office supplies on top of a box of your dishes without worrying about things getting broken. They drop off and pick up the boxes, and give you this handy cart to roll them around. Also, you can avoid the trouble and the waste of cardboard boxes. If you’re concerned about the environment, you will feel great about using these reusable boxes that won’t have a negative effect on our environment. Many thanks to Stacy and Todd at STL Rent A Box.”

-Alicia, St. Louis, 1/31/20


“They were very easy to work with, I ended up wanting more boxes and they dropped them off the next day. Pick up was also really convenient. Having the boxes was great for my move, we ended up packing many of them and then also used a few to run things back and forth because they are so sturdy.”

-Colleen, Maplewood, 1/20/20


“5 Stars”

-Tom, Valley Park, 1/17/20


“Great company. They made everything about my move so much easier and more organized. I would highly recommend using their service for any sort of move! Thanks!”

-Megan, St. Louis, 1/17/20


“5 Stars”

-Jeff, Kirkwood, 1/14/20


“5 Stars”

-Heidi, Creve Coeur, 1/13/20


“Todd and Stacy run STL Rent a Box wholeheartedly. They are not only local, small business owners providing a service that’s sustainable, reduces trash/recycling, and incentivizes you to unpack faster than usual; but more than that, any communication I’ve ever had with either of them is fast, super friendly and always accommodating to my needs. Their customer service goes above and beyond. This was the third time I rented their green boxes for a move, and I’ve referred them to any friend who was moving…and will continue to! Good luck, STL Rent a Box!”

-Julie, St. Louis, 1/12/20


“Todd and Staci were great to work with. They really saved us a lot of work by packing our stuff. Highly recommend them.”

-Mark, Chesterfield, 1/11/20


“It has been one week since Stacey and Todd moved me and I have never been so settled post move! My experience with STL Rent A Box was terrific and I highly recommend them to anyone who dreads unloading and recycling boxes long after the move is over. They were highly organized, efficient and a dream to work with as they packed, moved and unpacked me. Rates were reasonable and the jokes were free! Thanks so much for everything.”

-Patti, St. Louis, 1/10/20

“STL rent a box experience was fantastic and highly recommend. Boxes are sturdy and loved the ability to stack and move easily on the dolly. Eliminated cardboard and trips to recycle. Delivery and pick up was easy.”

-Danielle, Glendale, 12/29/19


“We recently used STL Rent A Box and worked with Stacy and Todd, and they were truly amazing! From the beginning of coming by and giving us a quote, to picking up our totes after we moved, they went above and beyond to make our packing and moving experience easy! They assured us everything would be packed carefully, labeled correctly and ready for the movers and that’s exactly what they achieved! They were kind, honest and experienced at packing a large home! We highly recommend using this company for any size move!”

-Barb, Chesterfield, 12/27/19


“STL Rent a Box is the very best for my Clients! they are so great to work with and can handle any job, big or small! They treat their Clients and their property as their own. A Simple process and reasonable pricing make them even easier to refer to my Clients, Family, and Friends!”

-Jennifer, CBG Wentzville, 12/18/19


“Making my move oh so easy! Even the movers were asking where to get these!!!

-Haley, Maplewood, 12/14/19




“Great way to clear space during construction at your home: just pack up and move boxes to a different room until construction!
Great company with service oriented mindset!”

-Nancy, Wildwood, 12/10/19



“Great company! Easy to work with and so convenient for our move!”

-Laura, St. Louis, 11/26/19


“Great value compared to cardboard boxes, no guilt / need to recycle, motivation to unpack quickly, and great service. I’m in no hurry to move (ever) again but will recommend STL Rent-A-Box whenever I can!”

-Jake, Chesterfield, 11/18/19


“Whether you have a big project or a small project STL Rent A Box is the best idea around. Had to move everything out of dressers and closets when we had our floors redone and STL Rent A Box made the chore a breeze. Boxes stack on top of each other on a dolly and you just move them out! Ordering and Customer Service were very personable and easy to work with. High recommend!”

-Donna, St. Louis 11/12/19


“5 Stars”

-Liz, Kirkwood, 11/12/19


“I could not have had a smoother move thanks to STL Rent A Box! Boxes were dropped off and picked up on time. I appreciated that zip ties and labels were included with the boxes. My movers knew exactly what room and floor to move everything to. Bonus points for not wasting cardboard!”

-Katie, St. Louis, 11/11/19


“Okay guys, these people are awesome. We hired several different services for our move and these guys were, hands down, the best part of our move. I will never look for another packing service of we move again. They worked with us so well on our situation and did exactly what we asked. It was perfect, I couldn’t have done it better myself. Definitely recommended.”

-Annie, Florissant, 11/09/19


“You guys are the best! Thank you! It was amazing to come home and see my apartment transformed into perfect packed green boxes! Love it!”

-Lauren, Clayton, 11/6/19


“They were very friendly and extremely efficient. They did everything we asked and it made our move much smoother. I was worried about it, but they relieved a great deal of stress.”

-Annie, University City, 10/31/19


“5 Stars”

-Teresa, Wentzville, 10/31/19


“Excellence from delivery to pickup! Bins were delivered and picked up as we were told. The bins and the cart were so valuable and saved a great deal of time and resources. Thank you for helping us have a successful transition!”

-Arnold, St. Louis, 10/29/19


“I absolutely loved STL Rent a Box! No fumbling with tape or cardboard boxes. The size of the boxes was perfect so that you could not make them too heavy, and the handles on the sides made for easy carrying. Communication with the staff was so easy and my boxes were delivered right on time as scheduled! You will not be disappointed with this service.”

-Bridget, St. Louis, 10/28/19


“5 Stars!”

-Erin, St. Louis, 10/28/19


“Highly recommend STL Rent a Box to anyone who is moving! Superior customer service, family owned business. We had such an amazing experience the first time that we used them again for our most recent move. Why deal with the hassle of taping, breaking down and recycling cardboard boxes when you can help the environment by using sturdy and stackable plastic boxes?! It’s a no brainer!”

-Patsy, Troy, IL 10/28/19


“Second time I’ve used these boxes. Super clean. Great way to move. No box assembly or disposal. Staff is terrific. And HAPPY. Nice to see a smile during a stressful time.”

-Rita, St. Louis, 10/23/19


“You both did great”

-Adam, St. Charles, 10/5/19


“This is a fantastic company. The owners are amazing. I used them personally about 5 years ago when I was having our hardwood floors refinished. So simple and no mess trying to juggle cardboard boxes before and after. Also, NO spiders since they love cardboard. I also bought a couple hundred boxes from them when we moved to KC so everything would be easy to move and protected in storage for a long time.”

-Colleen, Kansas City, 10/2/19


“All good! Thanks for everything. Helpful to learn about packing service (plus that you can also pack in cardboard too) that you offer.”

-Louise, Kirkwood, 9/23/19


“5 Stars!”

-Hope, Wash U, 9/10/19


“Very professional people and service. I stored my things over the summer and all of it came back in the same condition. Highly recommend!”

-Hudson, Wash U, 9/10/19


“Love this service! Eco-friendly and easy to use, plus they make the whole process simple and everyone is super friendly and helpful.”

-Genna, Wash U, 9/9/19


“Incredible company! They were extremely accommodating and their staff is fantastic and really, really nice (like, really. Everyone there is amazing). They were very helpful when I needed to transfer boxes in the middle of summer, and helped me through the process. Definitely recommend!!”

-Megan, Wash U, 9/7/19


“5 Stars!”

-Pat, Florissant, 9/6/19


“5 Stars!”

-Malika, Wash U, 9/6/19


“5 Stars!”

-Giselle, Wash U 9/6/19


“5 Stars!”

-Zoey, Wash U, 9/6/19


“USED THEM TO STORE MY SONS BELONGINGS DURING THE SUMMER, AFTER HIS SOPHOMORE YEAR AT WASH U. WILL DEFINITELY USE THEM AGAIN ‼️ Quick response whenever I had a question, reliable and very easy to work with.”

-Marcie, Wash U parent, 9/5/19


“Thank you for being careful and packing my mother’s things, you were very helpful.”

-Karen, Ladue, 8/23/19


“Thank you STL Rent A Box for this amazing service … you delivered the stackable boxes with a four wheel dolly & when I was finished you came to pick up the boxes up!”

-Roz, Olivette, 8/16/19


“We hired Stlrentabox to pack our house because honestly my wife and I and we’re overwhelmed and running out of time. They did such a better job than we ever imagined. They advised us on our move before during and after and we felt so prepared! Everything was packed and set out together for the movers. We were shocked that after living in a house for 16 years our family of 4 could be packed up in just 1 full day! We will never move on our own again.”

-Andrew, Wentzville, 8/08/19


“I’m so glad I found STL Rent A Box for our move. They were so easy to work with throughout the whole process. Moving is stressful enough as it is and it was so nice to have someone drop off the boxes and pick them up for us. We moved into an apartment building with an elevator and I rented an extra 4-wheel dolly which made the move so much quicker. Do yourself (and the environment) a favor and use STL Rent A Box!”
-Analisa, St. Louis 7/28/19


“5 Stars!”
-Yoon, Ballwin, 7/14/19


“Thank you so much for helping make our move a little more manageable! We had 40 of your boxes. We packed, unpacked and then packed them again! I can’t imagine how much cardboard this would have added up to!”
-Janet Stephens, Ellisville, 7/14/19




“Very happy with this company! The boxes were dropped off and picked up on schedule. I was so happy not having to figure out what to do with ALL THE CARDBOARD when the move was done. I would absolutely recommend them!!!”
-Elizabeth, Fenton, 6/12/19


“If you are moving within the St. Louis area, I strongly recommend that you use STL Rent a Box (Stacy and Todd Isermann). Their green heavy plastic boxes are a good size, and they pack and stack well. Their prices are very reasonable, the service is a great and it is environmentally friendly! It is much easier than rounding up dozens of odd-sized cardboard boxes and then trying to figure out what to do with them when the move is over. Call Stacy at 314-837-7368 and she can answer all your questions. She and Todd made our move MUCH easier!!”
-Cindy, Clayton, 5/28/19


“They were very professional, helpful, and friendly. They did an awesome, thorough, and quick job packing. We used their rent-a-boxes, but unpacked ourselves. They did not rush us to get the boxes back and allowed us to keep some of them for an extended period of time when we were not quite unpacked. I will definitely used them again if moving locally and would refer them to others without question.”
-Pearline, St. Louis, 5/21/19



“Great concept! Made our move much easier not having to deal with a lot of cardboard at the end. Wish this service had been available for all of our moves years ago. Thanks again!”
-Bailey, Ellisville, 4/22/19


“Loved the boxes & glad we found you through One Source Referral”

-Sarah, Eureka, 4/12/19


“Thanks STL Rent A Box! My client loved using you! Emptied in our time line too!!

-Ashley, St. Louis, 4/14/19




“Wonderful idea and great service!”
-Theresa, St. Louis, 4/7/19





“Thanks to STL Rent A Box for making our move to a new office sustainable & Eco-friendly with these reusable boxes!”

-Open Space Council, St. Louis, 4/5/19


“I have worked with STL Rent a Box on numerous occasions, and I can confidently say they are amazing! Top notch customer service with a fantastic work ethic! I will be recommending them to anyone who needs packing help or box rentals!”
-Hayden, St. Louis, 3/28/19




“This was just the best experience. It was super easy to order the boxes, and Stacy was very communicative throughout the whole process. I can’t decide if my favorite part of this company is the box drop off and pick up, which is super convenient, or the boxes themselves, which are sturdy, easy to carry, and stack out of the way. We got 25 boxes to move out of our 2 bedroom apartment and into a house (we had several leftover cardboard boxes as well). With the 3 week rental, we were able to empty and reuse a handful of rental boxes as we had smaller trips of stuff after the initial big move. Awesome company, awesome product, awesome service.”

-Cailtlyn, St. Louis, 3/22/19


“The heck with cardboard boxes and wasting trees. They make moving so easy and so affordable. From simply dropping off stackable boxes, to packing them if you want, they make moving as enjoyable as it can be.”
-John, St. Charles, 2/26/19




“You did great. We were very satisfied.”
-Sheilah, Clayton, 2/19/19


“Great idea and even better company! Their boxes are just the right size for carrying and stacking. Plus they are super clean in case you wanted to put clothes or similar items into them. And they are so much better than cardboard boxes. I would highly recommend STL Rent A Box!”
-Dave, Lake St. Louis, 1/28/19


“I loved my experience with STL Rent A Box! I loved knowing that all of my stuff was well protected in the boxes through the duration of the move. The boxes are a great size, stacked easily and were so sturdy and clean. The labeling stickers they provide helped my husband and I seamlessly place the boxes in each room. The staff at STL Rent A Box was so nice and pleasant to work with. I would strongly recommend their services to anyone looking to move!”
-Katherine, Wentzville, 1/19/19


“Awesome, awesome, awesome. The boxes are sturdy and so easy to pack and move, and you can get them out of the way quickly by stacking. The drop off and pick up on either end of the move made the process super simple. This was the easiest move ever and I can’t imagine ever going back to cardboard boxes after this. Thanks guys!”
-Caitlin, Glendale 1/17/19




“STL Rent A Box is wonderful to deal with, very responsive and polite, and their service is great! The boxes are great too, SO much better than using cardboard for a lot of reasons. I highly recommend this company, and if I could give them 10 stars, I would!”
-Christine, St. Louis, 1/16/19


“FANTASTIC service! I won’t move without these great green boxes again. And I should have ordered twice as many as I did! Very flexible drop off and pickup, very willing to work with me.”
-Nick, St. Louis, 1/14/19


“The boxes and your service are fantastic. We would not want to move again without both. I was not aware a service like this existed until we received a postcard in the mail shortly before we moved. The boxes are large and, unlike cardboard, incredibly strong and durable. The rental boxes are reasonably priced as are the packing products we purchased from them, bubble wrap and packing paper. Because the boxes are so strong, you will use far less packing material than you would otherwise. Which makes it all good for the environment. Last but not least, their service is outstanding. I would highly recommend this company to everyone.”
-George & Mary Jo, Creve Coeur, 12/15/18


“Have used the STL rent a box team on my last several moves (serial house hopper here) and there is simply no better way to move. I love the crates for their simplicity and durability. And it makes the cost of my move lower by being so compartmentalized and easy for the movers to play Tetris on the truck. Highly recommend!”
-Christopher, St. Louis, 12/10/18




“Great experience with STL Rent A Box. Highly recommend! Made our move so much easier. And the price was much less than I thought it would be!”
-Pamela, Chesterfield, 12/3/18




“STL Rent a Box went above and beyond! I highly recommend these guys! Todd and Stacy are wonderful. They work so hard to make sure everything goes smoothly. I love that they deliver all of the supplies and when it’s all over, they pick them up! No mess. No breaking down of tons of boxes. They bend over backwards to accommodate you. Five stars isn’t enough!”
-Jennifer, Lake St. Louis, 11/19/18



“5 Stars”
-Deepa, Clayton, 10/15/18


“We rented from STL Rent a Box and had a delightful experience. The team is extremely professional, on time, and always delivered the best product and support. Not having to deal with cardboard was a huge plus, and when we were done (unloaded), the boxes disappeared like magic! Thank you for a great customer experience.”
-John, Hazelwood, 10/12/18


“Great company! They make moving super simple and organized! I Highly recommend STL Rent a Box!”
-Brent, Ellisville, 10/10/18


“Wow! What a great experience! No hassles. Saved trees and didn’t have to use tape. Nothing broken in the move either. Highly recommend STL Rent A Box for everyone!”
-Sydney, Overland, 9/30/18




“Quickest way to pack up! Boxes are incredibly sturdy and you don’t have to throw away boxes after you are done! Highly recommend! I’ve used them for 2 moves! Owners are responsive and so nice to work with!!”
-Kathy Cox, Wildwood, 9/4/18


“STL Rent A Box makes moving so incredibly easy. Their nest-able and stack-able containers saves you so much time as you don’t need to build a box and/or tape them shut. They stack perfectly in the corner of a room and you can always open them right back up if you need something. If you are moving or remodeling, I highly recommend STL Rent A Box!”
-Robert, The Heideman Group, St. Louis, 8/26/18




“Amazing customer service! These boxes made moving so easy. It definitely took the stress out of tracking down cardboard boxes. The containers stack easily because they are all the same size and kept our items safe. I definitely recommend these for anyone moving.”
-Karen, Edwardsville, 8/25/18




“Friendly, efficient service and good for the environment too! Highly recommended!”
-Michele, Chesterfield, 8/24/18


“Wonderful people! Wonderful company! Love that I can have zero waste moves and that it is super easy and convenient!! Anyone who is moving needs to call them!”
-Lillie, New Day Gluten Free Café, Clayton, 8/23/18




“The customer service was excellent, boxes were freshly cleaned, and they worked like a charm since we moved up two flights. We could keep refilling the boxes. Great idea!”
-Rita, St. Louis, 8/15/18




“Awesome customer service!”
-Cyn, Creve Coeur, 8/6/18





“You made my move so much easier than I had expected. Great customer service!”
-Jennifer, Webster Groves, 7/31/18





“These boxes were a lifesaver! Allowed us to move quickly and efficiently. Customer service was outstanding and drop-off / pick-up was so easy. Highly recommend this awesome local business!”
-Rachel, St. Louis, 7/16/18




“Family if you need to move , this service is great!!!!”
-Christina, St. Louis, 7/12/18





“This is such a wonderful company and concept! They were really flexible and understanding with setting our delivery and pickup dates. They made this part of our move seamless and convenient. The boxes are sturdy, well made, and easy to close. Such a great idea to reduce the waste of moving!”
-Julia, St. Louis, 6/21/18




“Everything was great. We were very happy with how easy it was to use and the delivery made it so easy! We’ll definitely use you again.”
-Ginger, St. Louis, 6/20/18


-Sue, Chesterfield, 6/20/18


“Absolutely hands down: Best Way to Move! Super couple to work with, clean, easy and cheap prices, fantastic service. Loved working with them!”
-Kathleen, St. Louis, 6/10/18


“Moving sucks… the best part of my moving process was using STL rent a box. I didn’t have to worry about finding or purchasing cardboard boxes that I would just dispose of after the move. I felt much more eco friendly using rent a box. The boxes were all in good condition and the dolly made it so much easier to make larger trips and get me moved faster. The pick up and drop up was coordinated quickly and efficient. Would definitely recommend this company and use them again for my next move.”
-Rachel, St. Louis, 5/22/18



“Stacy is a delight to work with and the boxes worked great for the move!”
-Andrew, St. Louis, 5/1/18


“Wow, my experience working with this company was top notch! They really care about the customer. Not many companies do anymore. The boxes are large and roomy enough to put larger Knick knacks and small table lamps in and sturdy enough to protect the delicate video games and consoles my son has. Best decision ever. Made my move twice as easy and much faster. I would have given them 10 stars if I could have!”
-Scott, Creve Coeur, 3/13/18



“Fantastic service. These guys do everything right – great customer service, and they make things as convenient and easy as possible for you. Not to mention the fact that these rented boxes help save trees and they are way easier to work with than cardboard. There is no downside, so give them a call today!”
-Eric, Webster Groves, 1/17/18




“This concept is so great!  Why buy expensive cardboard boxes which you will only throw away a few weeks later?  These boxes open and close easily, they are easy to pack and hold quite a lot.  They can nest when they are empty to save room as you unpack. They deliver your boxes to your house and pick them up at your new home 3 weeks later; it doesn’t get easier than that!  Also, the three week cycle kept us on track with our unpacking. Most importantly, the people were so responsive, friendly and kind!  It was a pleasure to work with them during the stressful time of moving. Thank you for being a bright spot in our move”
-Rebecca, St. Louis, 12/5/17


“Everything about this process was easy and extremely helpful. Customer service is amazing the boxes were amazing and I love that they come with labels and zip ties. It made our lives much easier being able to stack our boxes without any worries. I would certainly recommend and would love to use again.”
-Shannon, St. Louis, 11/10/17




“I love STL Rent a Box. So convenient and affordable. Stacy and Todd provide excellent customer service. The green boxes made our move so much easier than any other move we have made in the past.”
-Elizabeth, St. Louis, 11/6/17


“5 stars doesn’t seem enough. STL Rent A Box was a great find. I loved the idea of green boxes, not having to use cardboard, and it was so affordable. The boxes made our move easier than any other move we have made in the past. Stacy and Todd provide amazing service.”
-Lynn, St. Charles, 10/30/17




1. The boxes are great – it’s crazy how they stack so easily and you can fit a good amount in each one and then they look so nice all lined up and stacked in your moving vehicle. Also, you don’t get dry skin like you do from cutting open and handling cardboard boxes. Also, if you’re clutzy, like me, you don’t cut yourself with scissors because you don’t need them! It’s brutal moving to a new place and realizing you need 10,000 scissors and they’re all packed away in a poorly labeled box.
2. The customer service is amazing. Seriously. Stacy is always available with any questions or advice. Good and trustworthy people.
3. They stack up so nicely when you’re done – they don’t take over the garage like a million boxes do – these are super easy to stack, store and return.
Regardless of the size of your move, I highly recommend STL rent a box.”
-Mandy, 10/19/17


“Great service, was very surprised they were able to drop off same day. They were also willing to pick up after hours. Would definitely recommend to everyone!”
-Curtiss, Florissant, 10/04/17




“STL Rent A Box is the most amazing idea! It makes it so much easier to pack, because the boxes are so sturdy that you can stack a box of office supplies on top of a box of your dishes without worrying about things getting broken. They drop off and pick up the boxes, and give you this handy cart to roll them around. Also, you can avoid the trouble and the waste of cardboard boxes. If you’re concerned about the environment, you will feel great about using these reusable boxes that won’t have a negative effect on our environment. Many thanks to Stacy and Todd at STL Rent A Box.”
-Alicia, St. Louis, 10/03/17


“I love STL Rent A Box! First off, the customer service is fantastic! I sent my first request for information in the middle of the night when I was stressing about getting my house ready for sale. When I woke up, I already had a response! Stacy allowed us to rent the boxes for an extended time. In order to get my house show ready, I packed half of our things before picture day. These boxes stacked neatly in our basement while our house was on the market. Once under contract, we packed the rest of our belongings. The movers loaded us in short order due to the ease of working with these boxes. We unpacked quickly and within 24 hours of notifying Todd and Stacy that we were ready for pick up, they were there. I loved not having to spend money on boxes that I would eventually just throw away or recycle. Card board boxes are expensive. STL Rent A Box seemed much more affordable and environmentally friendly. Thank you STL Rent A Box!”
-Dawn, St. Louis, 9/29/17


“What a great idea to rent these boxes instead of the hassle of cardboard boxes.  The customer service is outstanding.  They are a wonderful company to work with.  I highly recommend them!”
-Pat, Florissant, 9/17/17


“Serious lifesavers. STL Rent A Box #hookedup & literally saved my move. I’m so thankful & lucky to have found them. If you’re moving at all this is the ONLY way to go. Don’t do the mess and hassle cardboard. They dropped em off and picked em up at the new place. Genius. Even saved me money from not having to buy and discard boxes. Thank you guys so much.”
-Moon Valjean, 105.7 The Point, 9/13/17



“So grateful for such a wonderful service. Stacy in the office is excellent and to have this type of service to help us with our remodel made life much easier.”
-Cathy, St. Louis, 9/11/17


“You guys, this service is amazing. Moving is terrible. It just is. I was getting ready to move and I was pricing out boxes and they were all so expensive and I started thinking about the taping and the markers and then collapsing them and wondering what the hell to do with them afterwards and I get annoyed and decided to try this instead. WONDERFUL. They were delivered to my door with a dolly and they are so big and roomy and STURDY. I accidentally lost the ties that secure the lids because I’m a really organized mover. But even without having those, the lids stayed shut and it worked out great. These were the first boxes I unloaded at the new place (seriously, they will save your life if you are only using them to pack your kitchen because they are sturdy!) and they’ve already booked a time to come out and pick them all up. They are neatly stacked in the corner of my living room. I love it. I love them. This service is amazing.”
-Jenny, St. Louis, 9/8/17


“Your boxes have worked perfect for our move, we will definitely use you again!”
-Amanda, Brown Smith Wallace, St. Louis, 9/7/17


“I cannot thank STL Rent a Box enough for what they have done for the company I work for. We recently moved into a newer, more modern building. This meant we had to move 50 employees to a new building. Some of our employees have been here for over 30 years, which means, they have accumulated a lot of “stuff”. This stuff needed to come with them to the new building. We decided we needed boxes for the employees to put their belongings in. We rented the green bins from Stacy and Todd. Todd delivered the boxes to the building we were moving out of. He delivered the boxes on dollies to the exact location we needed them. He gave a brief overview of how the boxes worked and clearly explained how they worked best. We rented the boxes for two weeks, which was helpful for our employees to have access to the boxes prior to the move. This also gave a few days after the move to access their belongings and find places for everything. The boxes were awesome and I will be renting them again. Two additional times, I needed cardboard boxes to donate books in. The team delivered the boxes, once again gave an overview of how to use the “tapeless” boxes. The best part is they delivered without 24 hours for both of the additional requests. I didn’t have to wait around and wonder when they would be there. I could not be more thankful that I found STL Rent a Box to use for the company move. Although we don’t plan on moving locations any time soon, I will definitely use STL Rent a Box for any other needs that may come my way. I have already recommended them to friends and family who will be moving in the near future. You will not be disappointed in the customer service, delivery and personal connection you will receive from Stacy and Todd. Keep up the awesome work! You are doing a great job.”
-Ashley Senters, Director of Human Resources Graphic World, Inc., 8/31/17


“If your clients are thinking of moving and instead of going around getting a bunch of boxes this by far is the best way to go and they make it so easy for you. They drop the boxes off you load them up and get them moved three weeks later they come to your new house pick them back up you’re done I have used them several times and they’re awesome”
-Brad Elsner, Keller Williams Realty St. Louis, 8/31/17




“I would recommend STL Rent a Box to everyone!! SO easy, friendly…the boxes were sturdy and clean and I didn’t have to find a way to dispose of cardboard boxes in the midst of moving. This company is genius! They are super friendly and helpful, the boxes sturdy and clean and I loved that I didn’t have to drag any cardboard boxes to a dumpster after the move. I have already recommended this company to several friends. Thanks for making this the easiest part of my move!!”
-Dee Dee, Ballwin, 8/10/17


“I would and HAVE recommended STL Rent A Box to anyone I know moving. It’s so convenient having the boxes dropped off and then picked up. No more having to ask friends and family for extra boxes. No more having boxes rip. No more having to mess around with packing tape. When our movers came and saw all those green bins neatly stacked and ready to be put on the truck, I noticed tears of joy in their eyes. STL Rent A Box is the REAL DEAL! Help spread the word.”
-Scott, Wildwood, 8/1/17


“The best part of our move was STL Rent A Box. Excellent customer service! Very flexible! And the storage tubs worked wonders. Highly recommend”
-Erin, Town & Country, 7/31/17



“This was a 5 star experience for me!! I would advise anyone moving to use your service so convenient, no running all over collecting, taping, tearing down and disposing of cardboard boxes. The crates are easy to pack and unpack plus have the security of the zip ties.”
-Suda Clinical Director Volunteers in Medicine-West County, 7/26/17


A few weeks ago, we rented boxes for our move from one part of St Louis to another. We found STL Rentabox provided fast, accurate and very friendly service. The boxes were clean, nothing was damaged, and everything worked as it should. The boxes were dropped off and picked up at the appointed time, as scheduled. Many thanks to our friends at STL Rent A Box!
-Nigel, St. Louis, 7/14/17


“This is the second move we have STL RENT A BOX. Just like the first time it made our move so much easier! And Todd and Stacy are the nicest people to work with!!”
-Caroline, St. Louis 7/14/17


“Great boxes! Fast and friendly service too! Totally satisfied customer.”
-Ellen, St. Louis, 6/21/17




“STL rent a box was awesome! So happy we were introduced to them. The boxes were very easy to handle and were great to make multiple trips throughout the week with. No worrying about cardboard boxes falling apart or breaking. I would recommend anyone moving to use these, I promise it will save you time and headaches.”
-Josh, St. Peters, 6/9/17


“STL rent a box was awesome! So happy we were introduced to them. The boxes were very easy to handle and were great to make multiple trips throughout the week with. No worrying about cardboard boxes falling apart or breaking. I would recommend anyone moving to use these, I promise it will save you time and headaches.”
-Josh, St. Peters, 6/9/17


“Super easy! No hunting for boxes or breaking them down afterwards with STL Rent A Box! Very friendly and professional service…boxes were picked up and delivered right on time.”
-Renah, St. Louis, 5/09/17


“Outstanding company with a hospitable, service oriented approach. Their business model is creative, smart, and very user friendly. Our moving company was thrilled to see the green bins stacked in our living room; they were very familiar with the company and found the bins to be very efficient. My one area of critical feedback is that the handles of the bins could be more comfortable….especially if there is any amount of weight in them. Other than that, I highly recommend them – they can’t remove all the stress from moving but they made ours significantly easier.”
-Jessica, St. Louis, 05/08/17


“Excellent idea for anyone looking to move! Friendly and informative staff!”
-Cheryl, Realtor at Coldwell Banker Gundaker, 5/03/17


“I found STL Rent a Box in 2013 when I moved after a divorce. Having to find boxes & packing material was one thing I did not have time for. Todd & Stacy came to the rescue! They were awesome. Curb side delivery of everything I needed & they picked up the boxes from my new place. I liked the boxes so much I bought a few to keep. The move went so well I swore I’d never do it any other way in the future. When I had to move again a few weeks ago it was a no brainer. I went online & ordered in less than 5 minutes. Stacy called me to confirm within minutes & everything was set. Could not ask for nicer people doing a great thing. I tell everyone I know about your amazing company. Keep up the great work!!!”
-Jimmy, Shrewsberry, 04/17/17


“It was so easy putting our stuff in the boxes, especially the kitchen items.
Marking and securing them were a snap. No guess work when unloading and not a lot of empty cardboard boxes to deal with.”
-Kenneth, OFallon, 03/13/17


“I originally ordered the 40 boxes but then soon realize that I needed more. Quick phone call to Stacy and I had 15 more boxes at my doorstep the next day. Awesome company to work with super easy move recommended for all to use in the STL area!”
-Ryan, OFallon, 02/07/17


“So happy that we found out about you guys, the boxes were perfect!”
-Nikki, Ballwin, 01/23/17


“I have used these incredible boxes on more than 1 occasion, for business and home. There’s not a better way to move yourself without hiring an actual moving company to do it all. Super price on value!”
-Sean Davis, St. Louis, 01/19/17


“If you are moving any time soon. Use STL Rent a Box. They were awesome. You rent these totes and you keep them for ‘x’ amount of time. They deliver to your home, then when you set up pick up, they come to the new home to pick up. They give you a roller dolly too to help. We did 75 totes through them. INCREDIBLE. Easy to stack, easy to move, easy to fill, easy to label, etc. No begging for boxes, no buying totes that you are stuck with afterwards. Highly recommend!”
-Bev Austin, Fenton, 1/13/17


“I have been referring your business like crazy, it was so easy and helpful and MAKES you unpack because you have to give the boxes back!”
-Lindsey Fasholt, Ballwin, 12/15/16


“I’ve recommend your service to people I know.  Such a simple, concept but made moving much easier.”
-Jeffrey Pusczek, St. Louis, 12/09/16


“I LOVE the boxes!  I would/will highly recommend them to everyone!!  I think this business is genius!”
-Laura Colley, Richmond Heights, 12/2/16


“I’ve moved *a lot*. This was, by far, the easiest move I’ve done and I did it mostly by myself. The crates and the wheelie cart made it easy to move. And the stickers to mark everything were something I probably wouldn’t have thought to buy. I recycled a bunch of slightly damp cardboard boxes I’d been saving with glee. Making arrangements for the size and number of crates, delivery and pick up were all a breeze. I’m a fan!”
-Kim S., St. Louis, 11/29/16



file-nov-29-12-40-12-pm“Boxes have been dropped off and we are already loving this service.”
-Brian Kohlberg, St. Louis, 11/28/16





“STL Rent a Box was the greatest find ever. I was so stressed trying put our move together, essentially consolidating three households into one new one and the folks at STL Rent a Box allowed me to find sanity. The boxes protected all the breakables, (not one broken dish), and they stack so easily and compact. No trying to fit multiple sizes of cardboard boxes, or boxes smashing down. Plus folks there are nicest ever and helpful. Got the best buy EVER on wrapping paper (Thank you, Todd!) If ever move again there is no question will be calling STL Rent a Box!”
-Lei Ruckle, St. Louis, 11/08/16


“Two thumbs up to local company STL Rent A Box! If you have an upcoming move or renovation, they are the way to go – great customer service and fantastic product to keep all your things safe and dust-free! Delivered to your door, picked up when you’re done – win win!!”
-Chelle Dohrmann, Kids Out and About, 10/24/16


“We used them for our last move and loved everything about it. Reasonably priced, everyone I spoke to was incredibly friendly, the boxes are sturdy, and no waste! I highly recommend them”
-Margaret Easches, St. Louis 8/13/16


“I’m crazy about this local company! What a great concept — so happy we found them… These boxes made our move so much easier. No messing with tape and assembly/dissasembly of cardboard boxes. All boxes are standard size and have self-closing tops. They’re sturdy, stackable, environmentally friendly, delivered straight to your door and taken away when you’re done. And on top of all that, the company owners are responsive and super-friendly people. Do yourself a favor — if you’re in need of moving boxes, give these folks a call. You’ll be so glad you did!”
-Suzanne Fontaine, St. Louis, 8/30/16


“I’ve successfully moved in and unpacked with ease! The totes were great!”
-Uga Eneyo, Creve Coeur, 9/14/16


“I loved the green boxes – they made our packing, the move and the unpacking so easy!”
-Sarah Bernard, Sunset Hills, 9/9/16


“Thank you for an excellent product and tremendous service.”
-Donna Jones, St. Louis, 8/8/16


“Thanks so much! It was great meeting Todd and I’m thrilled about the boxes –affordable, environmentally friendly, no hassle to use, durable, uniform size, AND supports local business… What’s not to love? Add onto that the outstanding customer service I’ve experienced thus far… You’ve got a raving fan in me!”
-Suzanne Fontaine, St. Louis, 8/5/16


It was great! We kept saying, “There is no way we could have done this without these boxes”!
-Mike Dalton, St. Louis, 7/29/16


“Stacy and Todd were such pleasures to work with before, during, and after our move. Moving is not easy or enjoyable in the least, but Stacy and Todd made the process a lot less painful. The boxes are incredibly well made and easy to use. And, the pick up and drop off is so smooth. It is also very motivating to get things organized and unloaded when the boxes need to be returned. And, you feel like you’ve done something better for the environment not having a ton of cardboard boxes and paper to throw away. My husband and I have been together nearly 12 years; married for almost 7. Our first 5 years together we lived long-distance. Between the two of us, we have moved 11 times since we started dating. STL Rent A Box has made our most recent move so much easier than moving has ever been for us. Thank you so much!”
-Erin McGaughey, St. Louis, 7/27/16


“The move has been so smooth. A large part of that was your boxes! And what’s so great–it’s forcing me to unpack in record time.”
-Julie Layton, University City, 7/27/16


“We used STL Rent A Box to move in late June 2016. They were a pleasure to work with. The boxes themselves are sturdy and stackable, and they were much easier to deal with than taping and folding dozens of cardboard boxes. We would highly recommend this service. Great concept and fantastic execution! Thank you!”
-Norm Conley, St. Louis, 7/11/16


“I am a 62 year old woman who moved by herself for the very first time. It was a daunting thought until I ran across STL Rent A Box on my computer. I loved the idea of having strong, sturdy boxes as opposed to cardboard which we all know are a pain to put together and then dispose of afterwards. I got 25 boxes and the movers transported them in about ten minutes or less. I had four days to get packed and Todd and Stacy were wonderful helpers. I got the boxes the same day I called. I had to fire my mover for being unpleasant. I had three days till I had to move out. I called STL Rent A Box in a panic and they gave me a list of movers to call. The first one I called said he could move me and did an excellent job. It is a good company that offers a great product run by two special people who do anything they can to make your move easier.”
-Anne Alexander, St. Charles, 7/6/16


“Our company just recently went through the process of relocating offices and I was the person that was elected to coordinate this daunting task. When thinking about how to best pack up files and miscellaneous items, accumulated over 15 years, the old-school way was to use cardboard boxes and/or empty copy paper boxes. Of course, I had anguished while thinking about the assembling and taping up of these boxes throughout the packing process. It’s just a lot of work. Luckily for me, my brain kicked into gear and I was able to summon the notion of contacting STL Rent A Box. I had seen folks posting their site on Facebook and it looked like a more sensible approach to moving your things. I visited the website and received immediate assistance from Stacy. I had explained to her our needs and she responded instantly with the recommended number of boxes required for a job of our size. She also had suggested the number of dollies required for this size job. I suggest that you get a few extra for large moves. Stacy made it sound so easy but I was still a little skeptical. That was until the job was completed. The green boxes arrived at our old location in very clean and “like new” condition. We distributed the boxes to our employees, who went ahead and packed up, labeled and secured the boxes with zip ties, all supplied by STL Rent A Box. We then corralled all of the boxes and loaded them up on our own truck, for transfer over to our new location. They really stacked up nicely and moved fluidly on the dollies. Once arrived at our new place, these labeled boxes went to the corresponding stations and when Monday arrived, our employees were able to make quick work of restoring order to their workstations. All bins were quickly unloaded and stacked up for pickup by Todd, who arrived at the time stated, to clear our floor of their boxes. Now that all of the dust has settled, I reflected on the cost and convenience of using STL Rent A Box and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. For one, the cost was very reasonable and perhaps too reasonable. I should have tipped them. Things that you don’t think about are the knockdown and disposal of the cardboard boxes. They seem to linger around much longer then they should and it is a total eyesore. With the clean-green boxes being picked up, our floor is clear of boxes and debris and you would never know that we had just moved in the day before. I would high recommend STL Rent A Box for this process. It was just as easy as Stacy had told me. Thank you, Stacy and Todd.”
-Terry McManus, RAM International, 6/20/16


“You guys are GREAT!!”
-Angela Fulton, St. Louis, 6/17/16


“I’ve never been so pleased with a company! Using STL Rent A Box was the easiest part of my move. It was simple and incredibly convenient! I would definitely use your company again and recommend you to ANYONE who is looking to move. Thank you for everything!”
-Brooke Bennett, St. Louis, 6/17/16


“The move did go very well, the boxes were great!”
-Webster Groves, 6/6/16


“I used STL Rent-a-Box for my move in the CWE last week and could not be more pleased. The boxes are incredibly sturdy and moisture proof. They fasten easily and are stackable. Not having to set up cardboard boxes with tape or tear them down afterwards saved time, effort and my back, not to mention the environmental guilt factor. Check the website for the package deals, as they are an excellent value and include a dolly. I particularly liked the recyclable wrapping material that tears (no scissors required!) and shapes nicely around the object.
They also offer a selection of cardboard boxes, such as small “pop-up” boxes for storage or dense heavy items, like books. They do not have glass or dish packs with dividers, however.
The service was outstanding. The boxes and supplies were delivered by the energetic Todd not only to my door, but stacked neatly in my home. I had to change my move date, and they had no problem accommodating me. There is nothing fun about moving, but these nice folks got me through it!”
-Clayton, MO 6/3/2016


“We LOVE the green bins (and sent two people to you just this month) We’re big fans of your concept and small businesses and though I hope to never move again I will continue to refer the green boxes for all eternity!!”
-Kelly Johnston, Chesterfield, 5/8/16


“Boxes are FABULOUS!! OMG I cannot say enough how much easier it is to just have these and not have to buy cardboard boxes and have boxes of all different sizes…WOW…You and hubby had a great idea when you started doing this!”
-Angela Fulton, St. Louis, 5/6/16


“Can I just say what a great business you have. Smart and very pleasant to work with. Love it!”
-Eva Olsson, St. Louis, 4/30/16


“One of my best finds ever. I have used STL Rent A Box twice and rave about it to friends. Such an easy option to utilize and no more tape and unstable boxes. I love these to move my clothes, food and other items that need transport. The boxes are clean, hold a lot and can be emptied and reused. The cart gets several boxes to my car with ease and saves my back! Second time was as hassle free as the first. I will use STL Rent A Box every time I need to move things around. Such a great service!”
-Lisa Vento, Chesterfield, 4/14/16


“What a great experience from start to finish! I have always disliked having to hunt down cardboard boxes or having to buy a large quantity of them, seemed like a waste of time and money! Very professional and timely! I loved the rolling cart you get to use as well, saves a lot of unnecessary lifting (let the movers do that). The eco wrap is great and tears easily for wrapping fragile items with the perfect amount of paper, no more black hands from using newspaper!!! The drop off was right on time and the pick was as well, they give you plenty of time to unpack your items, I never felt rushed. Very nice price as well! I would recommend getting the wardrobe boxes, what an ease in leaving the clothes on hangers and moving them hung in a box with ease of transferring straight to the closet or even using for storing winter coats after the move. We will definitely use this company in the future and would highly recommend to anyone that needs to move. 5 STARS!!!”
-Melissa Wilkens, Webster Groves, 4/11/16


“Just wanted to let you know that we really enjoyed our experience with STL Rent A Box. Delivery and pick-up were a breeze (I didn’t do a thing!) and moving, while moving is never really fun, was a great experience. Knowing we had X number of boxes, and knowing we’d be done when we got to 0 turned it into a game. How many left? It made unpacking just as great! The best part? No.cardboard.boxes. I can’t say how invaluable it was to not have to step over/around/on boxes upon boxes in our new home. We stacked the eco-friendly boxes in the garage and had a clean house! Thanks again for your services. We’ll be telling everyone we know!”
-Emily Trout, St. Charles, 4/5/16


“Terrific service. Everyone was very helpful and the boxes were perfect. We will use you again in the future. Thanks again!”
-Jim Redington, Ballwin, 4/5/16


“Thank you! Amazing customer service!”
-Leslie Hendenberg, Webster Groves, 4/4/16


“I used StL Rent A Box when I recently moved and I could not recommend them any higher. They dropped off the green containers on time and delivered more upon request. The containers were very easy to stack and move and the company picked up the containers at my new house after completion. I highly recommend them.”
-Dan Brassil, St. Louis, 3/24/16


12994405_10154076809224110_178829498504977237_n“STL Rent a Box made moving into our new place way easier. The boxes are a lot more durable than cardboard so you can really load them up. We would fill up a box, label it and stack it right on to the floor dolly to wheel around. We’ve used their service two times now and highly recommend them for a more organized and simple move.”
-Grace Knight, St. Louis, 3/20/16



“Our experience with you guys was excellent! I will gladly highly recommend you to our friends and anyone who could use your service.”
-Keri MacArthur, St. Louis City, 3/17/16


“Hi, thank you so much for everything, I loved the boxes!”
-Susan Conaty, Kirkwood, 3/15/16


“The experience of working with them was very easy. Moving can be stressful and they are able to reduce the amount of things you need to worry about. The process of ordering is very easy. They drop off at your doorstep, and pick up is a breeze. Very friendly personnel – overall a great experience and I’d highly recommend them to anyone moving.”
-Patrick McVay, St. Louis, 2/25/16


“These boxes saved my move!  It rained on moving day, all day.  Contents stayed dry!  My advice is order twice as many as you think you’ll need.  Customer service is beyond great. Stacy and Todd are so helpful.  All around wonderful experience and worth every dime!”
-Joanne Gamache, St. Louis, 1/22/16


File May 13, 1 39 04 PM“I love STL Rent A Box. It was so much better than just using regular boxes and made our move very organized! I highly recommend this company!”
-Stephanie, St. Peters, 1/6/16




File May 13, 1 38 52 PM“I used Stacy’s company STL Rent A Box for my move last December. I have moved a lot of times and this was definitely the easiest move I‘ve made. The plastic crates made the packing process so much easier since I didn’t have to deal with taping up boxes. They provided a dolly that made it really easy to move the packed crates around in my home both before and after the move. I honestly will never make another move without calling them first!”
-Karen Goodman, Webster Groves, 10/27/15



File May 13, 1 39 44 PM“Every aspect of utilizing Stl Rent a Box for our recent move was tremendous! The boxes get dropped off at the old house along with a rolling dolly and labels for each box. No hassle of putting together cardboard boxes with tape, which is costly in and of itself, as well as time consuming. Then, after the move, the boxes and dolly get picked up from the new home and you’re all done! And that doesn’t take into consideration the ease of packing and moving the boxes, as they’re a perfect size and easy to move around! Then, on top of all of that, you get to deal with Stacey and Todd, who couldn’t be any friendlier!!! I would HIGHLY recommend Stl Rent a Box to anyone and everyone getting ready for a move, as they make the hassle of moving much much much easier to bear!!!”
-Andrew, St. Louis, 9/24/15


“I just want to give a shout out to ‪#‎StlRentaBox for their great idea of providing reusable boxes for moving. This is such a brilliant idea. They delivered the boxes to my apartment and then picked them up at my new place when I was done moving. Reusable boxes, no tape to wrestle with, and a handy little wheeled cart to move the boxes around so I didn’t have to strain my back lifting and carrying boxes all over the place. Plus they were super friendly and affordable! What more can you ask for??!! Definitely give them a call if you’re planning a move!”
-Kathleen Beebe, Clayton, 9/23/15


“You may want to move, just to use these totes! They absolutely made our move manageable. We moved in two stages. The first wave was moving all the clutter and junk to prepare our home for sale. We had 70 totes at the new house without furniture. They were so great to stack and easy to read the labels to find stuff. AND they make a great interim TV stand, coffee table, dinner table, laundry basket, soda cooler, the list is endless. We finally had to empty a few just to use for the second move. They were so much easier to use for packing dishes, food, and garage items. There were very few items we couldn’t put in a tote. The few cardboard boxes we used (only because we bought them before we discovered STL Rent Box) were ungainly to use, hard to access with the tape, couldn’t read the top markings and just a royal pain to put together and take apart. We loved the boxes so much we decided to buy some just to keep on hand for whatever as they stack so nicely without the need for shelving. A big thanks to Stacey for her patience as we kept extending the rental. Renting the totes was definitely the best decision we made during our moving process.”
-Linda Aldridge, Foristell, 8/31/15


“Ok can I just say how amazing these boxes are, seriously. I’ve packed twice as much in the same amount of time!”
-Torre Skornia, Hazelwood, 8/28/15


“We moved about a month ago and STL Rent A Box was the best packing system ever! I had prepacked/wrapped” all breakables prior to the delivery of the boxes so all I had to do was fill them up. They were sturdy and the labels and zip ties made the job so easy. The movers really liked the system, it made their job easier because they were able to pack them on the trucks much faster – when paying by the hour for movers it is a huge plus! No breakage. I have recommended your system to several friends and will continue to do so. Thank you for making a big job so much easier!”
-Mary Kessler, St. Louis, 8/24/15


“It was a fabulous experience working with you.  Thanks so much for helping our office renovation go a little bit smoother!  I will be telling anyone who is looking for your product about our great experience! Thanks again!”
 -Pam Miller, Chesterfield, Six Point Financial Group, LLC 7-30-15


“These boxes were absolutely perfect. They really made our move easy & fast. The boxes were delivered & picked up as agreed and STL Rent A Box included easy peel labels & uniquely colored zip ties for security. The boxes were very sturdy and the service was super friendly. Would highly recommend.”
-Brandy, St. Louis City 7-8-15


“Sad to see these green boxes go, but so incredibly pleased with the product and service!”
-Amber Sease, Choose to Lose Fitness, Sunset Hills 6-18-15


“These boxes were absolutely perfect – they really made our move easy and fast! The boxes were delivered and picked up as agreed and STL Rent A Box included easy peel labels and uniquely colored zip ties for security. The boxes were very sturdy and the service was super friendly. Would highly recommend.”
-St. Louis City 6-11-15


“I felt so much better using these boxes instead of cardboard! Thanks for being so helpful, these were the best ever!”
-Ballwin 5-27-15


“STL Rent A Box helped make this move our easiest! The boxes are amazing and so easy to stack and move. Would recommend to everyone. Great customer service!!”
-Caroline, Ladue 5-2-15


“So convenient! Loved these boxes!”
-Wildwood 4-30-15


“The boxes were amazing! Best and easiest move we have ever had!”
-University City 4-28-15


File May 13, 1 39 16 PM“Genius idea STL Rent A Box! Thank you for making my two moves so much easier!”
-Tara Thomas, N2 Publishing, Wildwood 4-24-15




12301533_10207983059521608_7698661011843769884_n“After 13 years we are embarking on a new adventure!!! STL Rent A Box is making moving a lot more stuff than we had when we moved in to this home a lot easier!!!!”
-Adrian & Ashleigh, St. Charles 4-18-15




“This is a no brainer. Cheaper than buying boxes and they pick them up when you’re done. No wondering how to get rid of piles of boxes. Service was great. Super efficient, good communication, and they were flexible when we changed dates. This is definitely the future of moving!”
-Johnna, St. Louis 3-26-15


“Big Thanks to STL Rent A Box! Using your green boxes, made our move much smoother! The metal bar inserts that accommodate the hanging files, really helped in moving all of our file cabinets. The boxes are a good size, and very sturdy, and best of all they are green! Of course, green is our color, but they are truly green as they can be used over and over again. Think of them if you are planning a move in St. Louis!”
-Growing Green, Inc., St. Louis, 3-13-15


“STL Rent A Box, a big thank you for providing the boxes for our move. It kept us very organized! We were able to utilize the hanging file bars, which was a great help. The boxes are very sturdy and easy to handle, and the best part is that they are green. Not just the color green (which is our color), but re-usable over and over again and that make us feel good! Thanks a bunch!”
-Growing Green, Inc., St. Louis, 3-12-15


“A big thanks to you! Those green boxes made the move a breeze!”
-Growing Green, Inc., St. Louis, 3-11-15


“Thank you for providing the boxes! They made the move so much easier and it was actually organized!”
-Growing Green, Inc., St. Louis, 3-11-15


Thanks Todd Isermann for bring by more rent a boxes. These are making packing so much easier !!!!!!!! Loved using —Stl rent a box!!!!!
-Wentzville 2-25-15


“I have nothing but great feedback and will highly recommend STL Rent a Box in the future. Made moving probably 2-3x faster and easier. Saves time assembling/dissembling boxes and moving them – easy to stack and transport. Also saves the annoying decision-making of “which sized box should I use for this?? Added benefit – it rained the day we moved, and the essentially weatherproof boxes were a godsend as a result!”
-Chris, St. Louis Loft District 2-18-15


“Phenomenally easy, environmentally friendly & 100% worry free.  Wish every part of a move was like that.”
-Yana & Christian, St. Louis 2-17-15


“Life is good! Thanks for your help on this project!
-Wildwood 2-12-15


“We are so appreciative. You all made the move so much easier!”
-Angela, Clayton 11-12-14


“Where do I start! We gave them just a few days notice that we would be moving, we had our crates the very next day! I LOVE the crates, this is the first time that our company has used them and they are AWESOME, I would NEVER move again without them. The staff was great and easy to talk to and very professional! Thank you STL Rent a Box for making our move so much more easier on us!!!!!”
-MDA, Maryland Heights 11-12-14


“I’m really happy with the process and materials. Great way to prep and move my things. I’m already telling everyone! They all think it’s a fabulous idea.”
-Holly, Holly Hills 10-29-14


“You’re my new favorite company!”
-South City 10-19-14


“The FUTURE OF MOVING IS HERE!! As a real estate agent in St. Louis, I assist with a lot of local moves. I recently tried this company and the feedback is great. My clients love how the boxes don’t fall apart, and overall think it’s way more convenient!! Will definitely be recommending this to all my clients!”
-Drake Maret, Keller Williams, St. Louis 9-24-14


“I love talented, forward thinking entrepreneurs~! And that is exactly what STL Rent-A-Box is all about! I received my amazing containers this afternoon riding comfortably on their own dolly, ready to be packed with my special pieces awaiting moving day 🙂 Todd and Stacy are the BEST and this service is going to explode-you have created a huge winner! One day I will be able to say I knew you when………….Kudos! Unbelievable concept and stellar customer service.”
-Manchester 9-19-14


“Very professional and helpful the whole way. Delivery was on time and the boxes were clean and ready to go as advertised. Pick-up after the job was complete was again on time and the reminder call the day before was great. Highly recommend and will use again if the need arises!”
-Luthern Senior Services, St. Louis 8-19-14

“Using these made my daughter’s move so simple! What a great service from such nice people!”
-Florissant 8-8-14


File May 13, 1 38 37 PM“I only had a few weeks to prepare for my mother’s move, and I was a bit panicked. I called STL Rent-a-box, and the very next day I had everything I needed to easily hold, label, and secure all of her items! The crates arrived in spotless condition, and included a rolling base to help move the crates, when full. I was delighted that I didn’t need to purchase cardboard boxes or tape! Todd and Stacy couldn’t have been nicer, or more accommodating! They even recommended a moving company! I couldn’t have been happier with the product, or the service, provided by STL Rent-A-Box and will recommend them to anyone making a local move!”
-Becky Sherman, Inbru, Creve Coeur 7-14-14


Excellent customer service. No more tape and boxes, just easy stackable containers delivered to your door with a smile and picked up when you are finished unpacking!!
Great company for any move size or home remodel!!!
-Kim Bussard, College Hunks, Olivette 7-10-14


“What a awesome service you guys provide. It made my clients move a heck of a lot easier and no stinking cardboard boxes to break down at the end! One call does it all. Will recommend your great service you provide to all of my clients!!!”
-Brad Elsner, Keller Williams, Kirkwood 7-7-14



“I was so impressed with their customer service, generosity and eco-conscious boxes! I would highly recommend using their services to anyone moving. They’re awesome!”
-Shannon, St. Louis 6-24-14


“I cannot speak highly enough about your services! Not only are we moved but we are unpacked and there isn’t 1000 boxes laying around my house right now. They were so easy to reuse, we loaded up about 10 of them at a time and put them in the minivan and moved a bunch of stuff before the moving company came and did all the heavy lifting. Great experience. Great customer service. Great company. 5 stars and smiley faces all around!!!”
-Chris, O’Fallon 6-24-14


“These boxes were lifesavers and we plan on telling everyone we can about them. You two are wonderful people, and I’m so happy we met. Thank you for everything!”
-South County 6-9-14


“This is a great service!  Friendly, fast, efficient and reliable, it exceeded my expectations, and made our move much easier and greener. I highly recommend this company for any moving needs:)”
-Kathleen, St. Louis 5-30-14


“I want to thank you for offering such a great service for the St. Louis, MO. As someone who has moved a lot in the last few years, it was a great relief not to have to buy a bunch of boxes, tape them up, and then throw them away. The best part was it was cheaper, not to mention easier since you deliver them to our door. It is great to have options that are good for the environment and convenient. This is certainly got to be the future of all our businesses and services! Thanks for all you do.”
-Kevin, St. Louis 5-21-14


“Such a great idea! Love the idea of not having to deal with cardboard boxes. STL Rent A Box has excellent customer service, too!”
-Pat, Florissant 5-17-14


“I have to say having the boxes and carts made our job much easier too!  We had to clear the garage out to set up the shelving and having the boxes on wheels made it so quick — our backs thank you!   And, no boxes to break down at the end was a huge time saver!”
-Gretchen Bender, Creative Spaces, South County 4-25-14


“STL Rent A Box is a Godsend! Having the stackable, easy-to-close, perfect sized sturdy and recyclable boxes delivered to our doorstep and then picked up made our office move so much easier. We didn’t have to collect cardboard boxes and store them, try to reinforce them so they wouldn’t fall apart, and then be careful about the way we packed and stacked them. These boxes even come with rolling carts so you can stack many at a time and they’re easy to label and read with labels that clearly identify the contents of each box. I will always use STL Rent A Box whenever I move, and I plan on telling everyone I know who is considering a move. My only regret is not knowing about this service earlier. And the best part of all of this is that these boxes will never be found in any landfills since they’ll be used hundreds of times over. Thank you for making our move almost effortless.”
-Bess Wilfong, Angel Arms, South County 4-24-14


“THANKS- THIS IS A FANTASTIC SERIVCE! Our family appreciated the prompt and professional service that your company provided. It helped to make our move a little easier and a lot less stressful.”
-Paul, St. Peters 4-24-14


“This worked very well for moving.  The fact that they were able to be sealed removed any concern about having a 3rd party company moving the containers.  In hindsight I probably could have used more than the (15) that I rented. The husband and wife owners were very friendly and profession.  I’ve seen $200M/year revenue companies that have less functional websites than this company does.  I was very impressed. I would recommend this service to anyone that is moving, especially if they are hiring movers.”
-St. Charles 3-5-14


“We were engaging in an extensive remodeling project, which involved emptying out the kitchen & bathroom cabinets, as well as closets and other cabinets/shelving throughout the house.  We needed to use boxes that could be stored outside, as we were remodeling/replacing flooring throughout our house.  We found out about Rent-A-Box, and were able to arrange extended use of their services from the end of November until the middle of February.  We made arrangement for the delivery of boxes at the end of November with a flexible pick-up time.  When the originally planned time came for pick up, the remodeling was not completed, and we easily extended that date.  It was great!  Our valuables were safely stored outside throughout this nasty winter weather.  They stacked easily on our deck, which made tarping them easy as well.  With all of the details involved in remodeling, this made it easy to store our items without having to go on “box-collecting” junkets to stores!  Plus that, we could never have stored cardboard boxes outside, and we were able to store the plastic boxes outside.  Todd showed up ON TIME for both the delivery and pick up of the boxes.  Rent-A-Box was a great solution for the “storing dilemma” issue that goes with remodeling!”
-Lake Sherwood 2-14-14


“So easy!  I will recommend STL Rent A Box to everyone that is going to move.”
-Sherry, Wentzville 1-24-14


“Thanks so much, what a great idea.  Thanks again it worked out perfect!!”
-Jan, Wildwood 12-30-13 


“STL Rent A Box thank you for the boxes! They worked great for our move. Everyone that helped us loved them. I would highly recommend you!”
-Pacific 12-2-13


“I HEART STL Rent A Box.  I tell everyone one about it.  This service saves time on the packing and moving end of things & takes the edge off the ‘crazies’ of moving since I wasn’t fighting with box tape coming and going.  The environmental aspect of it is a bonus! Your service has been impeccable and I am officially going to spearhead your cult following.”
-Alicia, Maplewood 11-4-13


“A long over-due THANK-YOU!!!  I loved the eco-friendly ability your company offers regarding moves.  The boxes hold up amazingly!!  Most of all I appreciated your willingness to work with me during my trying life experience.  The kindness your company showed lightened my shoulders a bit. Again, thank you for everything you did.  I will be letting others know about your company!!”
-Laura, Chesterfield 10-17-13


“STL Rent a Box is a brilliant idea! It made my move so much more organized and simple. The boxes are durable and with the dolly provided, super easy to move around. The best part is you don’t have to worry about breaking down cardboard boxes and filling up a dumpster! Love being green! Everyone on staff that I came in contact with was extremely helpful and amazing to work with. Will definitely be recommending STL Rent A Box to anyone moving!”
-Erin, Richmond Heights 10-10-13


“STL Rent A Box worked perfectly for us, I could not have been happier.  The boxes are large enough to get a lot of stuff in yet not too large to be difficult to carry or get through doors with.  The zip ties were great for us because we used an open trailer to move most of the boxes and didn’t have to worry about boxes opening on us or having to use rolls upon rolls of tape.  The labels were very convenient for our help to get the boxes to the correct rooms and make the unpack as seamless as possible.  Hopefully we won’t be moving anytime soon but it was a great purchase and I would gladly use you again if we find ourselves in that situation.  I will definitely be recommending you to friends and family. Thanks!”
-Chris, O’Fallon 9-17-13


“This worked out great.  If it’s good enough for fortune 500 companies, then it’s good enough for me. The plastic boxes themselves are very sturdy. We hired the worst movers ever, but everything in the green bins were so simple to carry, stack, and organize that even these guys didn’t screw it up. To “save” $$, we didn’t get enough bins, and packed some stuff into boxes, sterilite bins and trash bags. The movers skipped a lot of those items, and we ended up getting those ourselves. By using the stlrentabox bins, we were able to have moving success even with the awful movers. And everything in the bins did not break.  And these things would not fall apart unlike boxes or cheap sterilite bins. This was good $$ spent.”
-Jarells, Belnor 9-5-13


“You all have a great product and as someone in customer service, you all were top notch!”
-Jay, O’Fallon 8-22-13


“Everyone hates moving, searching for boxes or buying expensive cardboard boxes that we would just end up throwing away. I was dreading it until we contacted STL Rent a Box! They made our move so much easier! I have a lot of fragile things and their sturdy stackable boxes, that came with labels and zip ties set me at ease knowing that everything was safely packed for our move. They dropped them off and picked them up two weeks later which was just the right amount of time for us to pack, move and unpack without feeling rushed. All around I couldn’t be happier with their customer service and the service they provide. Thank again guys!”
-Allie, University City 8-7-13


“Thx to STL Rent A Box for making our family’s move 1000 times easier!”
-Douglas Hilbert, One Source Realtors, Chesterfield 7-26-13


“The company provides and delivers Eco-friendly boxes for moving. We contacted them to rent boxes during a recent move as we didn’t want to purchase a lot of cardboard boxes to pack our belongings. They delivered the boxes prior to our move and picked them up 2 weeks later at our new house. They also provide packing materials to protect fragile materials for the move.
They are a new company and were very attentive. Initially we had underestimated the number of boxes that we needed and after a phone call to STL Rent A Box they delivered more boxes within a few hours. They arrived as promised at 8 am on the day specified. They were prompt, courteous and very accommodating. The boxes and packing material are Eco-friendly and you don’t have to worry about discarding a lot of cardboard boxes after unpacking!”
-Brentwood 7-18-13  


“Service was great.  Everything worked out just perfect!”
-John, University City 7-12-13


“We had a great experience with STL Rent A Box.  They were extremely friendly and easy to deal with.  The boxes were so easy to use and stacked perfectly.  I would definitely recommend STL Rent A Box and will be using them in the future.”
Meredith, St. Louis 7-3-13


“I have to just say that I LOVE these boxes! They were just the right size to hold a lot of stuff while still being manageable, they’re sooooo stackable, and we didn’t have to worry about collapse. They make it very easy to load as much into the truck as possible, wasting no space. It was so nice not having to dispose of cardboard boxes…just stacked up the empties and they were picked up from our new house. Besides that, with these, we weren’t tempted to stick boxes in the closet to “go through later” and then find things we thought we were missing 3 years down the road like we did with our last move! We highly recommend STL Rent A Box to anyone doing a local move, big or small. IF we ever move again, it’ll be our first call!”
-Theresa, O’Fallon 6-24-13


“STL Rent A Box is a great service!  The boxes were clean, sturdy, and a good size to work with.  Customer service was top notch. Thanks for making this part of our move easy!”
-Danny, St. Peters 6-15-13


“I ran across STL Rent A Box at the Home Show at the America Center in STL…What a concept and for the durability & price, (no more than buying cardboard), you can’t beat it. The best thing is you don’t have to worry about getting rid of the cardboard after your move or having the bottom fall out on your way in the door!!!   You just can’t beat delivery to your door step, two weeks of use, and then pick up at your door step, not to mention the hospitality of the owners!!!  I would highly recommend using STL Rent A Box on any move and am more than happy to have been their first Illinois client!!!!!”
-Greg, IL 3-28-13

“I was really excited to hear about STL Rent A Box-it was about the same cost as buying cardboard boxes, and that would have required taping all the boxes, packing them to the brim so they weren’t crushed when stacked.  I move about every two years and using these was so simple.  They stacked well, were sturdy, and nothing broke or was crushed.  Ordering the boxes was easy and the customer service was excellent and friendly.  I’ll definitely use the company again!”
-Amy, St. Louis 3-24-13


“I just wanted to take a moment to say how EXTREMELY pleased we were with your rental boxes.   Renting these boxes made our move a lot less hectic and less expensive to say the least.  I would strongly recommend St. Louis Rental Box to any of our clients, tenants, family or friends.   Thanks so much for supplying such a “green” service to the St. Louis area.  Have a great day.”
-Monica, Green Street Real Estate Ventures, St. Louis 3-14-13


“It was such a pleasure to have STL Rent A Box at our Real Estate Expo & Awards Event on Fat Tuesday. They are kind people, who are great to work with. Their product is a great idea that helps the environment (less boxes being made, bought, sold) and is affordable enough for anyone to use to help make a move easier.”
-Prudential Select Properties 2-22-13


“This was the first time we have used GreenWrap for packaging paper and this stuff was really cool. It worked great for all our breakables and it was neat how it just expanded when you stretched it. We even saved it to use for when we mail things.”
-South City 2-19-13


“We liked how the lids were attached. We could quickly fill the boxes, close them and stack them neatly. It was the most organized move we have had because we didn’t have boxes everywhere, instead we had a stack that was packed ready to go, and an opened (those that we nested) stack waiting to be packed.”
-Chesterfield 2-11-13


“We have kids and even our kids could pack their things easy because the boxes are ready to use and snap shut when their done.”
-Clayton 1-17-13


“Our employees really liked having the four-wheel floor dollies when they cleaned out their office. Everyone was responsible for getting the boxes from their office to the front of the building and it was so easy for them.”
-Earth City 1-9-13


“This was our first big move.  We liked that we didn’t have to build boxes with tape, secure them with more tape, then break them all down after the move, and then find a way to get rid of them all.”
-St. Peters 12-3-12


“The containers were sturdy, clean, easy to open and close, & easy to transport. The packing material was great! Earth friendly! Did not worry about anything being broken! Will recommend to all my friends!”
-Lake St. Louis 11-26-12