STL Rent A Box 5 Star Company Review!

IMG_3064Sometimes a business gets starry-eyed and takes genuine notice of another business. This incredible gesture of kindness happened to STL Rent A Box. Terry “Mac” McManus, Operations Manager at RAM International, Inc. shares his story:




“Our company just recently went through the process of relocating offices and I was the person that was elected to coordinate this daunting task.


When thinking about how to best pack up files and miscellaneous items, accumulated over 15 years, the old-school way was to use cardboard boxes and/or empty copy paper boxes. Of course, I had anguished while thinking about the assembling and taping up of these boxes throughout the packing process. It’s just a lot of work. Luckily for me, my brain kicked into gear and I was able to summon the notion of contacting STL Rent A Box. I had seen folks posting their site on Facebook and it looked like a more sensible approach to moving your things.


I visited the website and received immediate assistance from Stacy. I had explained to her our needs and she responded instantly with the recommended number of boxes required for a job of our size. She also had suggested the number of dollies required for this size job. I suggest that you get a few extra for large moves. Stacy made it sound so easy but I was still a little skeptical. That was until the job was completed.


The green boxes arrived at our old location in very clean and “like new” condition. We distributed the boxes to our employees, who went ahead and packed up, labeled and secured the boxes with zip ties, all supplied by STL Rent A Box. We then corralled all of the boxes and loaded them up on our own truck, for transfer over to our new location. They really stacked up nicely and moved fluidly on the dollies. Once arrived at our new place, these labeled boxes went to the corresponding stations and when Monday arrived, our employees were able to make quick work of restoring order to their workstations. All bins were quickly unloaded and stacked up for pickup by Todd, who arrived at the time stated, to clear our floor of their boxes.


Now that all of the dust has settled, I reflected on the cost and convenience of using STL Rent A Box and I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. For one, the cost was very reasonable and perhaps too reasonable. I should have tipped them. Things that you don’t think about are the knockdown and disposal of the cardboard boxes. They seem to linger around much longer then they should and it is a total eyesore. With the clean-green boxes being picked up, our floor is clear of boxes and debris and you would never know that we had just moved in the day before.


I would highly recommend STL Rent A Box for this process. It was just as easy as Stacy had told me.

Thank you, Stacy and Todd.”


It really means the world to us when our clients go out of their way and offer feedback or refer our service to others. It’s the momentum for us to make this business exactly how we envision it to be!

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