Changing Spaces & STL Rent A Box Is For Everyone!

This summer we are seeing so much change around St. Louis! Everyone is changing spaces including those living in homes, apartments, building new construction, remodeling existing places, and commercial, too! We even recently moved some VIKs (aka, Very Important Kittens) into our home! They were rescues, came with nothing, and definitely not looking to rent boxes!  They immediately moved right in and made our home their very own. They also love our office and help out in every way as you can see. New beginnings are exciting!


















Are you thinking about changing your space? STL Rent A Box is the perfect choice for your belongings when you are planning a move! We have a package size to fit every move. All rentals includes delivery, 4-wheel floor dolly, labels, zip ties, and pickup of the boxes after the move. STL Rent A Box is the #1 resource in St. Louis for moving boxes and supplies! (314) 837-RENT

Keepin’ it green, one move at time

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