Disaster planning for your home

Do you have a disaster plan in place for the unexpected? Hopefully you’ll never need it, but if you set yourself up appropriately you will feel secure going forward! Life is unexpected and there’s nothing better than feeling prepared! Our team at STL Rent A Box can offer can tips because #togetherwerebetter and we know the importance of your home and belongings.

Let’s face it, everything important we store on our computers. Choose a secure backup system for your computer. Cloud systems are the most popular forms of keeping data safe and easily obtainable if lost. They are low cost with lots of storage options and simple to use. There are a variety of online software to choose from and we highly recommended utilizing a system such as Backblaze.

Scan your important documents for record keeping! You don’t want to potentially lose or misplace a document that could have taken you minutes to simply scan into a file. Schedule yourself a few hours to locate all the really important documents such as social security cards, medical records, birth certificates, business licenses, basically any documents that are irreplaceable to you or your household and scan them into files on your computer. Don’t have a scanner? There are apps you can use on your phone or use the camera and then turn that file into a .pdf or take those documents to a local shop that has a scanner such as Fed Ex. Remember to bring a flash drive to save your files. All life legal documents such as wills, trusts, insurance, and finance paperwork should be kept with your provider of services as well as with you. There should never be just one copy. Along with documents, photos and videos are also a very important part of our keepsakes. Make sure if your photos and videos are digital, that these are also on your backup plan. If they are on traditional photo paper or reels be sure have them additionally digitized as a backup.

Keep your smoke alarms and fire extinguishers up to date. Hopefully you will never have to hear them go off or use the device, but you want these emergency pieces to work at their best if you do need them. Smoke alarm batteries should be changed every year (or based on your manufactures suggestions) and the alarm itself is good for 8-10 years. Regularly check the life of the your fire extinguisher and be sure to keep one in the kitchen, garage, basement, 2nd floor, patio, etc.

On this safety note, it’s a good habit when changing the smoke alarm batteries to clean out the interior of the dryer. This is a fire hazard as well. In addition to cleaning the lint every time the dryer is run, the interior of the dryer walls and ducts should also be free of extra lint about four times a year (depending on the use of the dryer) This does take additional effort removing the front from the dryer and using a vacuum to get into all the small places. It’s worth the effort!

Having a smart home is a very high tech way of keeping an extra watch over your home when you’re not even there! There is an assortment of opportunity ranging from the comfort of having an alarm in place to your home preparing itself with heat and lighting upon your arrival! How does this help with disaster planning? You can lock, alarm, watch videos, basically give your home all the attention it needs with the touch of your phone while away at work, or even on vacation! Keep your home safe with automation 24 hours a day.

Stocking your basement or safe place with some imperishable food and bottles is always a safe idea. Keep about a week’s worth of food for your family and pets in an airtight container. If you ever feel as if it’s getting close to expiration, begin to use it and just replenish! Good choices for stocking are: canned beans, vegetables, tuna, chicken, fruit, and oatmeal packets. All box easily and are compact. Remember to put spoons, towels, and a can opener in your emergency box too as well as first aid kit with a flashlight.

Keep your storage in plastics boxes, do not store in cardboard. This is essential if you have storage in a basement or a storage locker. Cardboard is designed for temporary holding, it does break down overtime and is quickly damaged by air, water, bugs, and rodents. Storing in plastic is best and of course at STL Rent A Box we have a solution for you if want to store with us or on your own! We designed the ultimate box for storage! Keep your treasures safe for the short and long term!



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