The Perfect Weekend Getaway for Summer Adventuring!

Helllllo Summer! Sometimes when you are in the middle of a big adventure – like MOVING – it’s hard to remember it’s summer and all the fun parts that are supposed to go with it – like GETTING AWAY! Everyone needs a reset. It’s not always possible to set aside a chunk of time to have a holiday because let’s face it, planning alone takes time, additional finances, resources, etc. It’s still important to get away and enjoy time outside of your everyday spaces. Our family life can be quite chaotic at times and this summer is just not a good time for a planned-out holiday. Last summer we had an epic trip that I highly suggest if anyone is interested in visiting our National Parks out West! It took a lot of planning and was an extremely active trip. This summer we are focusing on some closer quick getaways! We recently had an amazing weekend that I wanted to share! I posted one photo over the Memorial weekend on our Instagram and so many of our followers were curious and had never heard or seen this gem of an area. It’s absolutely the perfect getaway to highlight for all to be in the know!

Day 1:

Our goal was to find and explore the natural springs along the Ozark National Scenic Riverways.  The destination was Southern Missouri, Northern Arkansas. From St. Louis this is an easy drive, just about 4 hours. Pack your car with snacks, games (kids?), hiking wear, and an overnight bag. If you are considering camping, there are a lot of camping opportunities too!  Hence, the chaoticness of life, we did not plan ahead but was able to grab the last hotel room for the night in a nearby town.

Our first stop was Falling Spring Mill in Thayer, MO.   It is absolutely fascinating to stand on this homestead surrounded by a mill, home, spring, and prairie land imagining a family cultivating a life. It was a beautiful setting and peaceful slice of history. There is a small cemetery before the homestead that is cared for by a small group from the town. We were fortunate to meet one of the caretakers at the Mill and hear the history of the families that lived on the property.






You can reach Greer Spring   by hiking or floating on the Eleven Point National Scenic River. To view the spring it’s a relatively short hike but you will definitely want to stay for a while to soak it all in. The trail along the river is very narrow and rugged. It will require some climbing up and down to get the full experience and all the views.











Grand Gulf State Park is also known as “Little Grand Canyon”! You would immediately know why because it has a gorgeous overlook into a Canyon due to a collapsed cave system, that appears to go on for miles. We took a evening hike with extreme caution as there are black bear in the area. The flowers were in bloom and the canyon was glowing in the sun. It was spectacular!


Mammoth Springs State Park is buzzing with activities! Here you can go back in time and visit remnants of hydroelectric plant, mill, and an early 1900s train depot! There are paddleboats, fishing, hiking, playground, swimming, fish hatchery…it’s unlimited! We were there for the springs. It hosts the largest and 2nd largest spring in the Ozark Mountains, flowing nine million gallons of water hourly!!! The park was beautiful! We stood 10 feet from a passing cargo train, watched a muskrat swim by, saw all kinds of different birds and closed the park with a sunset!






Day 2:

Big Spring State Park was the perfect getaway on a hot summer day! The trail was shady and the spring is cool! You don’t have to walk very far to get a great view of the spring. It’s so amazing how much water can come from the ground at such force!

I think we would all agree that Blue Spring was our favorite. We were most mesmerized by the colors and overall beauty it possessed. It’s the 8th largest MO spring and the daily flow is 87 million gallons of water. It’s as clear and blue as can be. Every angle is spectacular and the views would change as the sun fade in and out of the clouds.










Visiting these amazing parks would be a perfect weekend getaway for any age! There is so much to do, it’s easy to make it a quick holiday or extend it for even more adventure! Before venturing to any park, it’s always best to check with the National park System to learn about any closures or changes. Anytime you explore a park, you always find something new and exciting! I highly recommend getting out and go make some adventures!

Happy summer!





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