Enjoy Nature!

Nature is unfolding, it rains frequently, the birds are chirping…it’s definitely Springtime! I truly cannot think of a better way to enjoy ‘life’ than to watch the world come to life through nature. Each day the leaves get a little bigger and greener. Flowers are blooming practically overnight. Bulbous flowers present themselves beautifully for just a few weeks. If you stop and really pay attention you will see nature at its best!

Blooming Purple Iris

Blooming Purple Iris

Blooming Azalea Bush

Blooming Azalea Bush











Today, like every day as I walked my kids to school. I take the same route to and from through all weather conditions. I love the early morning sounds of birds, but today was different.  As I looked up in a tree I noticed a buzzing sound and a large nest; I discovered a bee’s hive in the tree! It was really spectacular, well as long as all those bees stayed interested in their work and not me!


Found Bee Hive!

What is your favorite nature observation? Mine is the enchanting speedy birds that come and go all summer long – HUMMINGBIRDS! I love to watch them whisk though the air, between tree limbs and do so effortlessly. It becomes a bit of an obsession just waiting to get a peek at them on the feeder!

Here’s a simple way to bring these amazing tiny birds to your garden:

Hummingbird Nectar recipe:

1. Combine 1 part plain table sugar to 4 parts water

2. Heat mixture slowly till the sugar has dissolved

3. Allow your nectar to cool before you add it to your feeder

DO NOT use any artificial sugar substitutes; it is not safe for the hummingbirds. Also it is unnecessary to add red dye.

You can make a large batch and store your nectar up to a week. You will want to change it daily. Don’t forget to CLEAN your feed on a weekly basis as well.

MY favorite hummingbird feeder (and I have had many!) is the one pictured below from Wild Birds Unlimited. It’s SO easy to clean and replenish. It has a built in ant moat and Wild Birds back it with a lifetime guarantee!

Best Hummingbird Feeder!

Best Hummingbird Feeder!

Do you have a favorite nature observation to share? Go take a walk and enjoy nature!

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