Best Way to Label Moving Boxes!

After each moving box is packed, the labeling of the boxes is a really important part of the process! Once you have 50-100 boxes that all look the same, it feels very accomplished and pretty overwhelming! At this point you will stand back and say to yourself  “where is my….”


To avoid any confusion for yourself and the moving company, your moving boxes need a system. An organized system will save you time and sanity. It will even make the move easier on moving day. With this system in place you can concentrate on the design placement of your furniture in your new home and soon everything will fall into place.


Follow these simple steps on the labels:

  • Use a Black Marker
  • Write neatly & large to read
  • Use a Macro / Micro System
    e. Kitchen / Dinnerware


This system is easy and streamlines the organization for the movers. The movers can easily put the boxes in the room they belong in without extra direction from you the day of the move. Once you are ready to unpack, this labeling system will save your sanity! The process allows you to place and organize your belongings quicker because you know exactly which box to tackle unpacking. If you didn’t have this labeling system in place, it would literally feel like opening mystery presents.


Moving out of state?

  • Use system above, also add your Last Name; there could be combined shipments in the same truck.
  • Write directly on the cardboard so the labels do not peel off.


When packing and organizing a move, whether you are moving a few miles up the road or across the county consistently is key! If this process sounds completely overwhelming to you as you approach a move, remember, there are professional packers (like our company STL Rent A Box) who pack and assist in the coordination of moving. Professional packers will pack, label, and organize your move for you. You don’t have to go in alone!

Happy packing and remember: an unlabeled box is a tragedy!

Cheers to making good moving choices!

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