Check Packing Off Your Moving List!

If the idea of moving has you frazzled we want you to know, moving doesn’t have to be a stressful occasion. This is your new chapter. STL Rent A Box has changed the industry and our goal is to make your transition simple!

What do we do differently? Our company personally accesses your needs first. We completely go over your timeline and decide what services make sense for your goals. The most popular service that has put our clients at ease and has saved them time is our packing and unpacking services.

Our clients are busy individuals and families. Between careers, school, raising kids, attending events, carpooling, sports, and entertaining, who has time to pack an entire home? The convenience, organization, resources, and attention to detail that we offer as part of our services has paired perfectly with the success of their moves. As part of our packing service, we provide a team of 2 professionals who are always eager to work with the client’s needs to complete the job so our clients are 100% organized and prepared for moving day. We bring all the materials needed for packing for local, long distance moves, or if belongings are going into storage.  Every box is labeled accordingly as well. We offer our rental boxes for local moves which includes free pickup of all the boxes when the move is complete.

Clients benefit greatly from our unpacking services because it allow them to move into their new home without interruption of where to start. Our team can work efficiently to fill the home with all their belongings in a smart an organized fashion. Once unpacked, we remove all the boxes and packaging.

Saving our clients time to enjoy life and their new home is what matters most.

Let us know how we can help you or someone you know have a simple move this year!

Call for details: 314-837-RENT (7368)

Keepin’ it green one move at a time,

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