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We are so much more than a company that rents boxes. Our mission includes providing a convenient, clean, sensible product for moving and remodeling. By doing so, we have made a commitment to our community in customer service and being kind to our environment. Using our product and service allows the client to withstand from using additional fuel, no waste on boxes, and of course consuming less time & energy.

In addition, to our product and service, we provide education and community awareness. Please join us on your favorite social media platforms: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and most recently Periscope & follow along on our journey!

We can’t wait to connect with YOU!

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Have you checked out the new app, Periscope? Download it free from Itunes to your IPhone and interact with people live from all over the globe! Look for us!  We are excited to play with it and see how we can entertain!


See ya around in Social Media land! ~Stacy

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