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“Home is where your story begins” – this is a favorite quote of mine! Walking through someone’s house will tell you a lot about their personalities, their family, places they have been, and things they treasure. Our homes hold the collection of our daily lives. When I came across this local St. Louis artist, Elizabeth Cherre who creates beautiful and unique custom artwork, I knew I had to share! The artist’s pieces are perfect for new homeowners, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, or holidays!



Elizabeth Cherre, owner of Folio By Sherlock found her talent as she was inspired to paint her dogs.  She paints what she sees and takes after her father who painted portraits of her sister and her as children.  “My first two artistic subjects were, of course, my own pups Pepper (labradane) and Sherlock (chorkie). I still have some guilt over appearing to show favoritism by naming my business Folio By Sherlock. But it started in innocence; one day I just had the notion to paint Sherlock and it all snowballed from there.” I just love how she cultivated the name of her business and she is living through her passion! Along with painting pets she also creates home, wedding, baby, and family portraits using oil paints on canvas. Such a remarkable gift to someone or oneself portraying important moments of our lives to canvas!

Elizabeth presents to her clients a satisfaction of capturing memories with paint, she says “I paint what you Love.”

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Elizabeth is also a licensed master social worker (LMSW) and does outreach for the Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri. She visits classrooms and talks to boys and girls about important topics such as conflict resolution, anger management, bullying and cyber-bullying, inclusion/diversity, and healthy relationships. Isn’t she captivating?!

You can find Elizabeth and Folio By Sherlock:

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