FREE Moving Checklist Printable!

CkListIt happened! The decision to MOVE has been made – where do you start??? We have the perfect solution! STL Rent A Box has created a FREE printable checklist that takes the confusion out of it all starting DAY 1. It’s a complete list segmented into all the important details from ‘before you list’ to ‘what to do once you take possession of your new place’. With this list, you won’t miss a step!

Here is how to begin – we suggest using a binder system. Simply 3-hole punch the list and insert it into a binder. This binder will be your go-to for details and keeping ALL your paperwork together. There should definitely be a section for jotting down notes, telephone numbers, emails, etc. Pocket folders or clear sleeves are perfect for collecting new receipts as well as a separate sleeve for manuals and receipts for the new owner. This binder should always be kept close at hand so you have everything you need each step of the way!

Moving doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience. With the proper tools and good service people by your side, you can seamlessly move through the process on your way new beginnings!


Click HERE to get your FREE printable checklist!

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