Happy 3rd Anniversary to STL Rent A Box!

30SaleWe are thrilled to be celebrating today – it’s STL Rent A Box 3rd year Anniversary!!!   Yes we get 3 exclamations for that!  The support from the community has been overwhelming. We are growing and seeing moving successes because our clients are smart, Ecofriendly, time-savers, & economical!  We are SO excited we are having a super fun celebration sale!  Please share this with your friends and family!





During the start-up phase of STL Rent A Box, we spent many days and nights researching, planning, and developing for the launch of this new moving concept. There were many challenges, and deadlines to meet before we were ready for “go” day. In order to remain calm and keep moving forward, I found this quote and reminded both my husband and myself of it often:Year1_quote









It was an inspiring year.  During our journey we met new clientele, worked with former clients repeatedly, engaged in community events, and created strategies with other genuine business men and women.  After our first year, we gained confidence and that is encouraging. Our new quote for the year came easy to us and yet was still awe inspiring:











Now that we are embarking on year 4, we are curious and optimistic where this next year will take us.  We made a wish and we know it will not come true without full commitment on our part. We are ready world! Small businesses are the foundation of commerce in society. We truly believe that together we’re better. Our mission is to add simplicity, organization, and convenience to your move, all while not creating additional waste.  We are fired up and ready to flourish. This has been our visionary quote going forward:











And now, we eat cake! No really, there will be cake! THANK YOU to everyone who has supported our small business with high fives, words of advice, criticism, and shares.  It’s been an encouraging adventure for sure!

~Keepin it green, one move at a time, Stacy  & Todd Isermann



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