Happy Twenty-Sixteen! Sparkly & New!


Happy Twenty-Sixteen! It’s amazing what a difference one day makes. One day we are soaking in the holiday with one another, family, and friends. 24 hours later, it’s an entire New Year with a fresh new slate! A brand new year feels sparkly and new! It’s energizing and makes us want to refresh in all sorts of ways in life! Craving some change? Start with where you have your good mornings and good nights…your home!




Redecorate! This is a very green, budget friendly way to enhance your surroundings. Use what you have. You’ll be amazed how different a collection of pieces or furniture can change the entire look of a room. Items you might not have thought were kitchen decor might surprise you how they look on the counter or wall. How to start? Clear all decor from the room. See how the existing furniture looks and try switching a piece from another room.  Change out artwork, and add some fresh florals or greenery. Did you know there are oodles of free printable artwork on Pinterest? Change the flow of a room, and it might feel like an entire new space! Add a green aspect and tap into your creative outlets. Like to be inspired? Look no further and check out some ideas we pinned just for you! Feeling overwhelmed and need a pro? Call Laureen Wilder of Laureen Wilder Designs, an Eco-friendly interior designer to help flatter your surroundings!




Purge! This feels amazing, really, I promise! The easiest way to do this is only tackle one area at a time. Choose your closet, cabinet, drawer, etc, bring 2 bags, and begin to empty the space. As you remove things, take charge and be simple. Use these 3 steps: keep, donate, or trash. This is a great time to dispose of any food, makeup, medicine, paperwork, etc that has expired. Remember to recycle plastics, metals, and paper. All empty? Carefully reorganize the “keep” and move on to the next space. Need a pro? Consult with Gretchen Bender of Creative Spaces Organizing to point you in all the right directions!


Your space is sacred. It is your safety, entertainment, comfort, and it should be your favorite place of retreat! Change is fun! Let me know how it goes!



Resources for refreshing your home!

Back on the Rack
Women’s Closet Exchange
Platos Closet
Kids Again
Play It Again Sports
Second Sitting Furniture
2nd Wind Exercise Equipment

Children’s Home Society of Missouri
American Red Cross St. Louis
Society of St. Vincent De Paul
Salvation Army
Mers Goodwill

Book / Sites
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing
Zero Waste Home
A Beautiful Home: Happy Handmade Home
Feng Shui Your Life

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