It’s not all seashells & sunsets

Vacation time is a necessity! Our brains were in major need of a reset. Our kids work just as hard as we do at work in their school studies. With everyone doing their best at life, a reward was in reach. We took ourselves to the tropical shoreline where salt water splashes in and sunshine fills us up with happiness!


In order to have these dreamy days, much effort was put into motion. All orders were still delivered and picked up as scheduled. This is because we have an incredibly reliable backup driver who put smiles on our customer’s faces! If a client called, the phone was answered! Time was set aside each day to verify pending orders. Not a day went by that our social media pages weren’t updated and we were connecting with people and businesses everywhere.


The very best part of the trip when it came to work was we got to meet our salesperson, Mike, who we purchase our boxes from! It was SO great to put a face with a voice after many phone calls and building this business relationship. His bay office view sure does beat ours hands down!


As nice as it is to wind down, life has to wind back up and stay on track! Happy summer!


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