New Moving Products Available at STL Rent A Box!

You are amazing! Yes, we mean YOU! When STL Rent A Box opened its doors in 2012, Todd and I shared our mission with you, and YOU followed along! Everyday we ask ourselves, “What more can we do? What more do our customers want?”  You were so kind to share your experiences and ideas with us, personally. Why is this blog dedicated to you? Because without your input we wouldn’t know which direction would be the best way to grow!

So what does all this chatter mean? I’m excited to share with you that we have expanded our inventory! We now offer a variety of additional items to supplement our box packages. We want to offer everything you need to complete your move. Now when you schedule your box rental with STL Rent A Box, you can easily add wardrobe boxes, large boxes, pop-up smaller boxes, moving blankets, file bars, plastic wrap, and packaging tape. All new inventory is available on our website and store too!

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Wardrobe boxes are fantastic, (not only to safely transport your clothing and coats), but for packing large items, like lamps, comforters, blankets, framed pictures…you get the idea! We also offer large and small boxes for the items you may not be in a hurry to unpack. You may have a special collection that you want to store, and these boxes are great for the de-cluttering phase. {Click here for a FREE moving checklist printable}. Pop-up boxes are just that! Unlike other cardboard boxes, they do not require assembly or tape, making packing effortless!

File bars are fantastic for your already organized files. They snap directly into our plastic boxes and the hanging files stay put! It’s the fastest way to pack an office or file cabinet. Our moving blankets keep your furniture from rubbing against the moving truck and prevent scratching while carrying to and from the house. Our plastic wrap comes attached to a handle and can quickly secure loose items, keeping drawers and cabinet doors in place.

Two essential items we have always carried, and are very popular, are Geami GreenWrap and the 2-wheel dolly. Geami is a necessity for packing your breakables such as dishes, crystal, glasses, and ceramics. It is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. It’s unique quality is simplicity. Roll your item into the Geami, tear off what you need, and pack it. {Check out this quick how-to Geami video}. There is no tape or scissors needed. The 2 wheel dolly is available for rent and is a big help when it comes to moving furniture or appliances.

Our goal is to meet the needs of our clients and become a one-stop shop! Did we mention, everything is delivered directly to your home and picked up after your move at NO EXTRA CHARGE?! Moving is stressful enough! Give Todd and I a call and tell us how we can help YOU!

Keepin’ it green, one move at a time,
~Stacy & Todd Isermann

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