New Year, New Wheels, & New Referral Program!

Everyone gets excited about a NEW YEAR! It’s a fresh start, new goals, beginnings, and change! At STL Rent A Box we decided to save the New Year to announce the roll out of bright and shiny new things we have to offer! First we showed you our new addition we are super excited to add to the rolling fleet! A new van!

We thought sometime soon it would be fun to name it. For now it’s fancy: “the van” lol! Ideas are welcome…or maybe we should host a contest…anyways…this beauty is all part of a bigger plan of our road to new things and maintaining a more efficient green business!

Immediately we rolled out our new Referral Program! This was incredibly exciting for us to share because we adore each and every one of you who have graciously shared our business with someone you know already! Seriously, when we hear a new client found out about our services from another client, our hearts immediately swell and the love runs deep! This means our clients not only had an awesome experience with us but so much they value and trust us on their behalf to work with their friends and family. That is golden! We are wanted to create a meaningful program that everyone could be part of and rely on!

If you haven’t signed up, now is your time! You get your own unique code to share and the clients you share the code with, earn a free week of rental time too! The response has been overwhelming and we are thrilled to see so many on board! You can choose to either be rewarded with a commission payment or gift cards from a variety of restaurants across the metro St. Louis area. Realtors, you can use the gift cards for closing gifts for your clients! It’s a win-win for everyone!



Happy 2018 & Cheers to the New Year,

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