Our NEW Social Brand!

In 2012, Patti Mueller founded The Organized Pack based on confidentiality, respect, and trust.  Patti grew the company into a full service professional packing company which has helped numerous people in the St Louis area.

Also in 2012, Todd and Stacy Isermann founded STL Rent A Box which rents industrial strength plastic Eco-friendly boxes to individuals and commercial properties that are moving.  Both companies came together and created a team environment for people that were moving in the St Louis area!

In the summer of 2018, STL Rent A Box acquired the The Organized Pack. Since then, the company has continued to flourish and assist individuals, families, and businesses with their packing needs. Moving to the next chapter is a big deal with lots of moving parts. The Organized Pack is here to remove the stress and get you to the next phase.

In 2020, we have decided to re-brand our social media to reflect and highlight The Organized Pack services of the business. Our services still include renting and the use of plastic reusable boxes! We have evolved into a business that is a true resource and asset to those who are moving. Let us help you with your new beginning!

As always…keepin it green,

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