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Moving has been defined as one of the top three life stressors. STL Rent A Box is here to tell you it doesn’t have be a negative life event. Moving means a new life chapter and we are on your side and here to help make your transition smooth. Before you know it, you will be enjoying your new space, stress free! Let’s do this!


Now that you have the boxes,you are ready to pack! Pro Tip: Make use of the 4-wheel floor dolly and pack directly ON the dolly. Pack about 3 high and then roll the stack to your “staging” area for the move. This will decrease the amount of times you have to carry a packed box back and forth through the house! No time for packing? No problem! Did you know that STL Rent A Box offers Packing Services too? Maybe you only need our assistance to get your packing started or finished up because you are feeling overwhelmed with everything else that is time sensitive. Our services are very flexible. We can work along side of you or on our own. We are efficient and can have your home packed up with care!

Stage all your packed boxes near a major opening: front door, garage, etc. This will allow the movers to quickly assemble them in the truck without having to trek through every room. Pro Tip: If you used STL Rent A Box, the movers can efficiently move and stack the boxes first, maximizing space in the truck for the bulkier items. This is because the boxes are uniform in size and designed to stack. Bonus! Money Saving Tip: Many clients experience a financial savings from the original moving bid when using STL Rent A Box because the boxes can be stacked so quickly. Many times this savings ends up covering the cost of the initial rental.

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Take advantage of moving supplies! Movers can work faster and more efficient when you have thoroughly organized your belongings. Not only does your prep work help you categorize what goes to your new place, but it eliminates guess work on the movers. You know best! Have all surfaces free of loose items. Whether you hire movers or DIY, on the day of moving, there should be no loose items lingering. All trash should be gone before moving day so there is zero confusion. Have everything that will be moved, secured and ready to be placed in the truck and as close to the opening of the house that it will be moved from.

Use wardrobes boxes! Using wardrobe boxes are the easiest way to transport and protect your clothing and outerwear. Having your clothes stay on hangers wrapped in trash bags is common, but it’s best if you use this method to transport them yourself. Movers are not going to hang them up or know that your silk, delicate dress is underneath that thin plastic. Remove the hanging bar and wardrobes are fantastic for over sized blankets, comforters, framed pictures, lamps, or any chunky decor. Wardrobe boxes allow your bigger items to be easily and quickly moved by others. Remember, if it is secured and simple to pickup, you can worry less.

Stretch wrap is invaluable. Think of it as keeping together all things you didn’t know what to do with! Use stretch wrap to bundle & protect your fireplace tools, brooms, mops, fishing poles, golf clubs, tools, shovels, rakes, etc. Wrap entirely around edges of frames, mirrors, & canvases. Move full drawers wrapped in stretch wrap. Use around potted plants to keep the dirt from falling out. Lastly, use it to protect the edges of your furniture or large decor.

Bubble wrap is key! Bubble Wrap will ensure extra protection while your things are in transit. Imagine, all your breakable contents of your home is tightly packed into a moving truck. Perfect right? Don’t forget to take into consideration the bumps, stopping, and turns that truck will endure and the potential risk of your belongings. You can prevent scratching and breakage by using bubble wrap as extra buffers around breakables inside the boxes.

Packing paper is a must! Packing paper is the most common and obvious pairing with moving boxes. When packing breakables, make sure to completely surround each piece on the outer edge as well as the interior if it has one i.e. vases, drinkware, bowls, etc. Do not pack an entire box full of breakables; make sure to balance the box with something like linens or clothing. Pack the boxes really tight to reduce movement. These tips will ensure a safe arrival!

Packing Tape is everything helpful! Not only is packing tape used for the obvious – taping up boxes, like wardrobes, but it’s also great for securing other important things too! Tape screws / instructions / hooks / etc. to backs of items they belong to. This way you never have to separate the very important pieces from each other. When you get to you new place you don’t have to wonder where the super important piece went that you can’t live without!

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Using rented boxes assures an organized inventory of your boxed belongings. Pro tip: using STL Rent A Box automatically gives you and the movers a verifiable inventory count of boxes.  Because you rented “x” amount of boxes, you will have confirmed paperwork for yourself and with STL Rent A Box on file. When your boxes are packed, delivered, and unpacked you can easily perform a check to make sure you have everything based on that number from our rental receipt. If any boxes are missing you will have paperwork to acknowledge the count. There is not a solid inventory system when using random cardboard boxes.

Don’t forget! STL Rent A Box offers additional services for Moving and Storage! We have an affordable option to move your boxes which saves time and money! We also have a simple storage by the month program!

Follow these tips to prep for your big day and I promise you will have an experience you will feel positive about. Are you considering a move in your future? Check out the FREE Moving Checklist Printable on the home page and use it as a guide. Please consider using rented boxes for your move, not only will have saved yourself time and money but also we will remove all the boxes after you’re complete! STL Rent A Box is your one-stop for moving supplies, so easy and delivered to you! We have the best clients, read what they have to say about using STL Rent A Box!

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