Referrals, Testimonials, and Repeats – OH MY

ThankYOuOur heart is full as we are celebrated our ONE & ½ YEAR ANNIVERSARY! A big {{{THANK YOU}}} to our community for your support – you are helping us grow from a home-grown ‘start up’ to a successful business every day! It has been exciting to reach out to more people and hear reflections that we are the “word” on the street!

Our three favorite feedback words that motivate us are “referrals”, “testimonials”, and “repeats!” One of the best parts about our job is that we have client contact, face to face and on the phone. We get to hear how they came to use us, details about them, and how the move went. It’s so great to actually meet the people who choose to do business with us. A simple referral from a friend or family member is the nicest way to give thanks. It reinforces that we did the job expected of us so much that someone they care about could gain a positive experience as well.

Our clients are the best! Receiving a testimonial of our services is the perfect end to each order. When picking the boxes up, clients are appreciative and happy about the boxes and service greatly helped during their move. Client feedback is the key to either validate our business or make changes along the way. It helps us choose our direction.

ThankYOuBelieve it or not, in just a short time in business, we have already had several repeat customers! When familiar clients call us and wish to use our services again an again, it is a true endorsement of their trust in us.

Thank you St. Louis for helping us sprout out and keep our community ‘green’ one move at a time!

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