STL Rent A Box Eats Right!


What is THAT? I will explain! At STL Rent A Box we keep a busy schedule and do a lot of physical work on a daily basis.  In order to maintain our best at work, we are good to our bodies too!  We will always bring those boxes straight to your door effortlessly with a smile!

A good morning protein-packed simple breakfast – great for on the go too!

Banana Burrito

Whole Wheat Tortilla

Spread your fave healthy butter like Almond, Sunflower, OR just blend peanuts till they form butter texture

Sprinkle Chia Seeds

Sprinkle Flax Seeds

Sprinkle Grape Nut Cereal or Granola if you like (not pictured)

Drizzle with Honey

Roll banana in tortilla – Voila! ENJOY!


Want to add Flax and Chia seeds to more foods, check out Whole Foods ideas!

Whats your favorite healthy meal?

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