STL Rent A Box In Action!

Curious how our boxes are “in action”?  We are happy to announce that our customers are finding them to work out great!  After each move we are quite eager to hear how the process went, what they liked best, and how things could be improved.  It’s really important to us that we are meeting the needs of movers and creating high levels of satisfaction overall.  The actual ‘move’ is one of the most stressful portions of the entire process, and our goal is to make it budget friendly and simple.  As part of our packages, we bring the boxes straight to your house or office, supply you with a four-wheel dolly, removable labels, zip ties for security, and pick up all the boxes up from the new location. We also offer a two-wheel dolly for rent and sell GreenWrap packaging material.


Here is some feedback we have received:

“We liked how the lids were attached. We could quickly fill the boxes, close them and stack them neatly. It was the most organized move we have had because we didn’t have boxes everywhere, instead we had a stack that was packed ready to go, and an opened (those that we nested) stack waiting to be packed.”

“Our employees really liked having the four-wheel floor dollies when they cleaned out their office. Everyone was responsible for getting the boxes from their office to the front of the building and it was so easy for them.”

“This was our first big move.  We liked that we didn’t have to build boxes with tape, secure them with more tape, then break them all down after the move, and then find a way to get rid of them all.”

“We have kids and even our kids could pack their things easy because the boxes are ready to use and snap shut when their done.”

“This was the first time we have used GreenWrap for packaging paper and this stuff was really cool. It worked great for all our breakables and it was neat how it just expanded when you stretched it. We even saved it to use for when we mail things.”

We LOVE hearing from our customers and those who are just interested! If you have used us or have general questions / ideas / comments please let us know what you think!  There are so many ways to get in touch with us!  We Email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even talk on the phone!

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