STL Rent A Box Launches & Geami News…


Day one of being “live” was incredible! Our day began as a guest to a BNI meeting in Layfayette Square at Sqwires. We met an amazing group of businessmen and businesswomen of all industries. They were as excited to meet us as we were to meet all of them! Our web designer, Wayne White of Studio 2108 presented our business & website to everyone. He told them how he brought our idea to life along with his talented staff by also creating a brand, logo, flyers, business cards, and apparel. It was motivating to be involved with such an elite group of individuals who all have the same goal, success!










This week we also had the fantastic opportunity to meet two of the North Carolina Directors from Geami who came to St. Louis for a visit! STL Rent a Box recently partnered with Geami as a distributor for GreenWrap, which is an Eco-friendly paper packaging solution that is 100% recyclable and biodegradable. It was so great to meet them and show them our warehouse and operations! Both Geami and STL Rent A Box are very excited about our future venture.



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