paperPAPER!  I’m talking paper of all kinds…It surrounds you on a daily basis, we have to have it, it’s recyclable, HOWEVER, it’s also very easy to get out of control quickly, and become a huge clutter problem in the house.

Receipts, invoices, taxes, coupons, schedules, directions, business cards…how to handle it all??? Stick with a new routine and you will see some changes taking over your life and it can happen quick! I have some fantastic ideas, fun apps, and websites to get you on the right track! Follow these steps, lessen the clutter.



How much mail do you receive EVERY DAY that you toss in your recycle bin…sometimes without even opening? We need advertising in our life, however, not all advertising is necessary to us individually and INSTEAD of habitually recycling it, there is another way.

  • First, make sure you ARE recycling your paper trash appropriately.  {Look to your local city rules for how they handle recycling.}
  • Decide if it’s necessary. Yes? Consider enrolling in ‘paperless statements.’  Most vendors have this option, and some may even have a benefit to go with enrollment. Bonus!
  • Mailings that you absolutely do not wish to receive anymore -check out this cool FREE app: PaperKarma! It’s super easy to use and the company has the ability to stop most unwanted mailings to your home. The best way to use this app feature is have your mobile device with you as you go through your mail and before you recycle that piece, snap a pic of it, submit it, and you’re done!
  • If you feel overwhelmed by pre-approved credit or insurance offers, OptOutPrescreen offers a quick and easy solution to stop the mailings for five years, permanently, or to opt-in to be considered eligible.
  • Catalogs stacking up? CatalogChoice has the ability to search alphabetically for catalogs you wish to receive and simply opt of those you do not.
  • Are your magazine subscriptions overwhelming? Consider the electronic edition for your mobile device. It’s simple to use and there is zero waste! Don’t have a mobile device? Check out your local library where you can browse and checkout most any magazine and of course it’s FREE!
  • YellowPages is committed to recycling and sustainability. However, maybe you no longer use the book, just the web. They make it simple to opt-out of having the book delivered to your home.


There are certain documents that we must hold on to the originals. It’s a huge benefit to have such documents and more electronically, readily available by a keystroke. This is where a scanning device or even just your phone or digital camera comes into play.  As you capture documents electronically, make sure you are also creating a simple computer filing system so you can remember where each is AND that you have a solid backup system. We highly recommend an online virtual system. They are simple to use, extremely affordable, and a lifesaver! You can electronically capture anything and even organize them with a variety of mobile apps!

  • School papers
  • Art work – publish it directly online into a book! –Apps: Shutterfly, Mosaic Photo book
  • Receipts & Invoices – App: QuickBooks
  • Lists – App: Wunderlist
  • Recipes – makes it easy to share or publish!
  • Schedules – App: Bump
  • Random notes – Apps: Evernote, Sticky Notes
  • Business cards – Apps:  CardMunch, ScanBizCards
  • Online Backup Systems: BackBlaze, Carbonite, SOS

 How do you handle the paper in your house? Were these websites / apps helpful to you?

Cheers to ‘greener’ spaces!










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