STL Rent A Box offers Moving and Storage

As if adding a new vehicle and Referral Program to the company wasn’t a big enough for one month to bang out the New Year with – we are also adding TWO new services to STL Rent A Box!!! Over the past five years we have perfected the new concept we brought to the St. Louis area of providing rental boxes for moving and remodeling as the alternative to using the old standard cardboard box.

As our company grows it’s clear we are winning the popular vote and the concept is spreading across St. Louis and becoming a trend across the nation no less! Several other states and countries haveĀ  adopted the concept as well. We will now provide a brand new service to the St. Louis area that will no doubt be useful and efficient to the population.

STL Rent A Box now provides MOVING and STORAGE of our boxes to our clients in the same zip codes as have been servicing! This new service will allow clients to budget their move or storage at an affordable rate with ease and continue to work with the trusted business owners, Todd and Stacy, at STL Rent A Box!

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