STL Rent A Box Spring Cleaning tips!

Springtime is finally here and nature has awakened. With the launch of this new weather it’s time to enjoy the fresh air. I’m seedsvery excited to get my hands dirty and start gardening again. I have some new organic seeds to plant in hopes of a bountiful vegetable harvest. Well…that’s the plan anyway! I’ll keep you posted on that adventure!

It’s also a good time to deep clean the house inside and out. There are a good handful of projects to tackle that have been weighing on my mind. I certainly have spring fever! Checking things off the list early on is a huge accomplishment. The more time you have to spend enjoying the outdoors the better! It has been a journey but I have been able to switch all of our household products to chem-free solutions! I have now have a small collection of solutions. The awesome part is you don’t need a bottle for everything, instead all you need is some staples.

With just a few ingredients you can make your own household, laundry, and even personal care cleaning solutions! I found many recipes on Pinterest, and other solutions from my Eco-friendly friends! With these solutions, the house car, and camping trailer have been thoroughly cleaned! Our surfaces are fresh, safe, and they definitely do not have that strong chemical smell.

Along with using all natural ingredients I also made a switch to using Norwex cleaning cloths! These clothes make cleaning a snap! My favorite is the Window Cloth. With just water I have streak free beautiful glass and mirrors! The Enviro Cloth can handle most jobs again, using water. For everyday facial cleansing I use a Makeup Cloth and just use water! These are just a few of my favorites! You can find these fabulous cloths HERE !

Want to save time and hire out – no worries there are house cleaners who use chem-free solutions! Check out Mr. and Mrs. Cleaning Company here in St. Louis. They use all natural products to provide residential and commercial cleaning. You can buy their cleaning products direct too.

The next success: I’m ready to tackle is a chem-free garden!

Here are some proven recipes to share! Have any solutions that you cannot live without, or an Eco-friendly success story of your own? I’d love to hear it!









Keepin’ it green,




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