STL Rent A Box – Top Ten!



1. Our boxes are made of industrial grade plastic. Perfect for your fragile items & everyday items

2. Our product packages are budget friendly

3. This is a green product: zero waste, not going to a landfill, recyclable & good to the Earth

4. We offer FREE delivery & FREE removal of the boxes at your door

5. You get clean boxes every time that are weather resistant and dust proof

6. Our boxes are stackable and nestable: very simple to organize

7. Our boxes snap shut & lock with zip ties: no tape involved

8. Our boxes have ergonomic handles making carrying easy

9. Our packages includes FREE floor dollies & labels for easy organization

10. STL Rent A Box guarantees reliable & outstanding customer service

 Did you know our boxes are made in the U.S.A.?!



Please consider moving GREEN & with ease on your next move!

Visit STL Rent A Box or call us today! 314.837.RENT

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