Together We’re Better: STL Rent A Box + YOU

hashtagSince the launch of our social media accounts with STL Rent A Box, this hashtag phrase always comes to mind. It just feels natural to end many of my posts with #togetherwerebetter. Whether I was referring to a client, business network, a company, or community event we feel committed in many ways.

Who would have considered something so simple as providing boxes for rent, could be impactful? When our clients choose our services, we have become a big part of their life change. We want to make sure our boxes arrive timely and they are clean. Our clients make us a better company by sharing their experiences. We are excited to hear about their moving or remodeling adventures.

Integrating in our community is so rich! Not only does it give us opportunity to meet fantastic people and businesses but we enjoy the educational aspect too. Helping people find better solutions was our goal when we started this business. Opportunities can be limitless when you immerse yourself into “change.”

Keepin’ it green one move at a time,

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