Unexpected bonus when using STL Rent A Box

049Did you know that renting moving boxes cures procrastination?  This may sound absurd but I assure you there is science behind this conception! The entire concept of creating STL Rent A Box was based on an alternative way to pack belongings to prepare for a move or remodel. We wanted to make this part of the move less painful. We knew all the positives because they were the glue of this venture!  We even made a top ten list! 


The reality of watching our clients and hearing their feedback surprised us! Here is the shocking raw truth…when we arrive at the new home or business to pick up the empty boxes, our clients are already living (or working) in their new spaces! All the furniture is in place, wall decor is up, the kitchen is in full swing, and everything is in place. Jackie from St Louis was quite pleased with the process of using rented boxes and noted “we knew the boxes were leaving and it was an incentive to unpack!”

What?! Isn’t a new home supposed to look chaotic? How is this possible? It’s simple! Since these boxes are being rented, there are deadlines. Knowing the boxes are temporary and having deadlines forces the unpacking process. As the clients unpack they give all their belongings a place and box by box, they are filling their new space. It’s such a great feeling seeing everyone really living in their new space, enjoying it as its meant to be.

After all, new beginnings are supposed to be exciting!


Before / during the move


After the move

Moving or remodeling or know someone who is? Check out STL Rent A Box, a simple affordable option of renting moving boxes!

Keepin it green, one move at time,


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