What is the best moving box?

Congratulations on the next chapter of your life! Now, let’s get to the gritty part of the move…time to pack and move. You need moving boxes for your belongings. What is the best moving box? Where do you get the boxes? Here are a few scenarios that are typical:

Scenario 1:

You begin asking your friends and family for old used boxes and drive all over the area to various grocers. What do you get? Maybe you hit the jackpot and after a few weeks, lots of gas and time, collected a bunch of odd shaped boxes no matter the shape or condition, bug-ridden, lids, no lids, torn, some crushed…and wow they are taking up a lot of space in your home. They don’t stack well, they are old, err…that one housed a roach! It will be a pain to carry them, arrange in moving truck, it may actually take the movers a while to load and unload due to how they vary, and after they are all unpacked, the question awaits…What do I do with all these boxes?

Scenario 2:

You attempted to save collection TIME, you bought “X” amount of brand new expensive boxes, couple rolls of tape, matching dispenser, and packing accessories. After coming home, you spent hours assembling and taping the boxes, packed them, and spent more time taping them up. It rained the day you moved, and your boxes got soggy.  One of the bottoms bust, you must have not taped all that well at 1:00 AM.  As you unpack, you have a lot of boxes to break down and…what do I do with all these boxes?

We totally get you. We are excited about your next adventure and here to save you time, money, and your sanity!  If you are moving locally, your best resource is to rent plastic industrial strength boxes. Using rented plastic boxes, I guarantee you will experience a convenient, zero-waste, simple move. These are the most protective boxes for your fragile breakables, everyday belongings, clothing, toys, and more! The plastic rental boxes are fully assembled, lids attached, clean, dust-proof, moved in all-weather types, stackable, nestable, and the pro list goes on and on! This rental service is available in most U.S. cities, see our National Moving Box Partner List.




Note, I did NOT say plastic store bought Rubbermaid-like containers. Those “totes” are not the same; they are not designed for moving the same way industrial plastic moving boxes are. The rental box companies are using specifically designed plastic boxes for their inventory that can be used over and over again for this particular purpose in the industry. Plastic rented boxes are very strong.  It will not matter if your china and crystal packed boxes are the bottom of a stack of boxes full of pots and pans because these boxes are designed to stack and not falter. Movers will not have to think about the contents and can work fast to move you. If you live in a city where this service is not available or you are moving out of state, new cardboard is your next best option because it stronger than used cardboard. We do not recommend using store bought plastic totes because they cannot be secured in transit.

High five to you for undergoing one of the biggest changes in a person’s life – a move! The next greatest choice is making that move sustainable! Remember when you use rented plastic boxes, you are making a zero-waste choice! All those moving boxes will be picked back up by the rental company and you are back to enjoying what matters most- making those new sweet memories in the new place!

Cheers to you and making good choices!

Let us help you make all the right decisions in 2020!

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