Zero-Waste Moves are trending in St. Louis!

You found the perfect new place and you’re ready to move! It’s time for exciting new beginnings but the idea of getting all your belongings from one space to another may seem daunting.  All you can think about is “so many boxes!” You are not alone. In the past few decades, many people have made considerable changes in their lives toward Eco-friendly living. The consumer industry has adapted making it easier to make “greener” choices. No worries! You too can have a zero-waste move and it’s happening all over St. Louis!

The first step in any moving situation is to experience de-cluttering; the art of removing things from your life you no longer need or desire. Be very selective when packing and only choose to move what you want in your new place. There is no reason to move items that you have to dedicate time to later. You do not want to waste energy on unnecessary things. Reach out to your local on-line selling communities or there are many associations that will take unwanted items or even pick them up from your doorstep. Don’t forget to ask for a receipt for your taxes. Whether you are selling your belongings for extra cash or making contributions, you are definitely making an environmental impact by not taking everything to the trash.

Once you are ready for the packing process you need to decide on packing materials.  The two best “green” choices are using recycled boxes from those who have recently moved or a trending popular new choice is to rent plastic moving boxes. In almost all major cities you can find independent companies that are renting industrial strength plastic moving boxes. They are clean, sturdy, and can be used over and over.

“This is perfect because I don’t have to waste time and energy building cardboard boxes and I love how they are delivered directly to me!” Sean Davis of St. Louis Mo, client of STL Rent A Box

The concept is a no-brainer and a win-win for the environment. These green companies deliver however many boxes you need for your current place, typically providing a dolly and labels.  After the move, they return to pick up all the boxes.  Can you imagine how many boxes are used for a typical move and then multiply that by the number of moves that take place each year? Depending on the environmental conditions, ehow.com states that, “cardboard can remain un-decomposed for years” Just because an object is recyclable, doesn’t mean it’s the best choice.

Once you have your containers, the real fun begins! Consider using unprinted newsprint for wrapping your breakables which is 100% compostable. Also, add a “green” plus no-cost option and use what you have.  Although most wouldn’t think about mixing room contents, protecting dishes and other fragile things with linens, blankets, or clothing actually makes sense. Make sure to pack your boxes tight so there is no movement inside. This will considerably make a difference keeping your breakables safe while in transit.

Renting a vehicle that is large enough for one trip is ideal. Since most trucks are rented by the hour, this tip will save you time and money.  Bonus, using the plastic rented boxes will save you money on your moving expenses because they are designed to stack which allows you to maximize the space the in truck quickly and efficiently. Also, if your transportation is small you risk an unknowingly amount of trips, use an excessive amount of gas, and loading can becomes an unforeseen issue.

All moved in! Continue your greener efforts as you prepare your new place. Take advantage of easy on-line options when setting up new addresses for all your utility and other changes.  Make careful considerations on new furniture, décor, and appliances making an Eco-friendly living a lifestyle!

STL Rent A Box preferred partners can help you with choosing Green, energy efficient choices for your home and office resources too! We are happy to pass along trusted vendors. Please call us for all your home and personal needs. This month you may be interested in:

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